Mohabbat Rooth Jati Hai | Urdu Poem

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Literary content displayed and recited in this video is written by me. This narration was recorded at our studio by Nasir Baig, our team member. These recordings were created using Adobe Audition.
All of the video footage displayed in this video is shot by me.

This video starts with Sonia pretending to worship.
Then comes the footage of clock shot by me. This imitates the time passing really quick.
Then comes the footage of Sonia playing with that chain again.
Then there is footage of me pretending to praying to God.
All these video recordings were shot with my Nikon D5100 camera.

This beautiful Urdu Poetry video is a continuation of our current most popular video series where visuals shot by us are displayed alongside voice-overs produced by us .
To make it easier for you to understand our work with ease, we have translated the whole poem in to English.

Music used in this video is taken from Youtube Audio Library.
Entire Footage used in this video was shot by me. I shoot images and videos according to the context of poems . Further color correction and more visuals were added using Adobe After Effects.

Earnest by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

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#Mohabbat #Rooth #Jati #Hai #Urdu #Poem
Mohabbat Rooth Jati Hai | Urdu Poem
#Mohabbat #Rooth #Jati #Hai #Urdu #Poem