Voluntary gun laws, sustainable universities, saving ‘ugly’ animals with memes

In today’s edition of Squirrel News, voluntary gun laws help prevent suicides, a Washington University teaches sustainability with the help of its own buildings, and turning ‘ugly’ animals into memes could be a solution to their extinction.

How voluntary gun laws prevent suicides

Firearms are the most common means of suicide in the US. Three states allow people to voluntarily add their names to a do-not-sell list in order to prevent them from impulsively purchasing guns. At least nine more states are considering similar laws.

Source: Reasons to be Cheerful

How to get gun owners to give up their firearms during crises (archive)

Guns do not just do harm to others, they are also a risk for oneself, especially in times of personal crises. The growing ‘voluntary storage’ movement tries to prevent suicides by asking gun owners to give up their arms voluntarily.

Source: Guns & America

UN climate case against Australia won by Indigenous Islanders

Yessie Mosby, a Torres Strait Islander, was brought to tears when he discovered that the UN committee found that Australia had violated his people’s rights by not protecting them from climate change.

Source: CBC

The University campus designed to teach sustainability

The University of the District of Columbia teaches students about sustainability with the help of its own environmentally friendly buildings.

Source: Ensia

This University is helping students from disadvantaged backgrounds apply for jobs

Administrators at Bunker Hill Community College in Boston noticed that their paid internships weren’t reaching minorities and women in the numbers they intended. Here’s how they fixed it.

Source: Washington Monthly

Best before’ labels are being dropped in Europe

In order to reduce food waste, ‘best before’ labels are being removed from British supermarket chains, and the EU is considering outlawing them.

Source: South China Morning Post

Pennsylvania law helps keep homes affordable

Small landlords will be allowed to get free repairs if they do not raise rents more than 3% annually.

Source: Next City

New study proves that animal therapy could boost cognitive and emotional activity

According to a new study, petting animals supercharges people’s frontal cortex, the brain area involved in functions such as problem solving and attention and emotional processes.

Source: CNN

Turning ‘ugly’ animals into memes could help protect them

A study in Poland looking at how to involve people in protecting species that aren’t aesthetically pleasing found that using memes could be a solution.

Source: The Conversation

Virtual memory cafes for people with dementia

Introduced during the pandemic, virtual memory cafes are proving to be an effective tool to support people with dementia.

Source: Next Avenue

First athlete with Down Syndrome finishes Ironman World Championship

Chris Nikic, 23 years old, completed the race in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, in 16 hours.

Source: Outside Online

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