Waiblingen: Whatsapp fraud – Stuttgart Journal

Waiblingen: Whatsapp fraud – Stuttgart Journal

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In the Waiblingen area, numerous citizens were contacted by fraudsters on Thursday. Sometimes a fraudster used Whatsapp to pretend to be the daughter of a 59-year-old woman who was asked to transfer a low four-digit amount.

Only later did the dizziness surface. The police advise:

  • Do not transfer money without consulting your family.
  • Contact them using the phone number you know or
    if possible in person!
  • If in doubt, seek outside help
    contact the police and ask for
  • If you are from people you know under an unknown
    number are contacted, do not save the number
    off automatically.
  • Ask the person you know on the old number
  • Requests for money via WhatsApp and other messengers should be accepted

always make suspicious and be checked.

  • Pay attention to the security settings of your used
  • In the event of damage, inform your bank immediately

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