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The Cannstatter Wasen and security / “There have already been bodily harm”

The police are already very present at the entrance with deployment vans and submachine guns in hand.

By Alexander Kappen

Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt. The first Wasen weekend is over and the organizers are happy. Andreas Knoll, Managing Director of the event company “in.Stuttgart”, states in a press release: “We are very satisfied with the start of the festival!”

But the police also have a lot to do: “There have already been assaults,” said a police spokesman for a local newspaper. The police can be seen walking around everywhere in their blue uniforms – mostly in groups of two.

They even have submachine guns in their hands at the entrance. Keyword terrorism danger! Bags and press cards are checked at the entrance. However, not by the police but by Wasen Security.

Pickpocketing, bodily harm, insults, scams, wild peeing – there are many misdemeanors on the Wasen. They all appear in the police statistics after the event. However, a mission trip is difficult.

Because the strolling visitors block the way to an operation. The reporter observed a police car making its way through the crowd with flashing lights and a megaphone.

Around 250 showmen, restaurateurs and market traders are expected. From April 22nd to May 14th it’s all happening on the Wasen.

As always, more information online: Home – 83rd Stuttgart Spring Festival from April 22 to May 14, 2023

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