Watch out, press, with the new Lava Jato! Strange the strange at least – 03/27/2023

The journalistic coverage of the PCC’s plan to kill authorities, including the now senator Sergio Moro, highlights the maxim, already almost a cliché, that there are people, eventually entities, who learn nothing and forget nothing, to remember the phrase with which talleyrand toasted the bourbons. The maxim applies, again, to sectors of the press. It seems that Lava Jato, which took us into the hole of Bolsonarism, did not teach them anything.

And not! I’m not here to deny that the criminal architecture existed — always leaving the question about its possible effectiveness. Furthermore, all available elements indicate that it is an organization as powerful as it is criminal. All this has to be said.

It should also be added: more than reckless, Lula’s speech about a possible frame by Moro was counterproductive. He ended up doing himself more harm than anyone else and lent some verisimilitude to the absurdity that the PT and the president himself would have any interest in the criminal plot. Even because, if it existed, it was and is being faced by the Federal Police. Between Lula and Moro, who was the target of the manipulation of investigation and criminal prosecution instruments? The former president spent 580 days in jail due to a sentence without proof, signed by a judge who used the toga as a political springboard.

But that is very well known and I don’t get lost, now, on that question.

Moro and his allies, Deltan Dallagnol at the forefront, force their hand to associate the attack that was thwarted by the PF with the PT — according to what is known so far. Thus, insofar as the fight against criminals depended on State structures, under the command of the Lula government, the proper work was done. And without looking at who, how it should be.

But this is a text that deals with the necessary precautions so that one does not fall, again, into a trap that ends up manipulating the Police and Justice in the service of political interests.

It may seem to my colleagues quite commonplace, common, obvious, logical and expected that a dangerous bandit sends his girlfriend via WhatsApp to his girlfriend in the codes of what would be a spectacular action — the most serious ever engendered by the crime — with two explicit recommendations: do not delete and still take a copy. That is to say: if the Police did not arrive at the message via the cloud, they would arrive via a search and seizure warrant.

It is also done in a spiral notebook, with blue and red pens, the survey of Sergio Moro’s life with data that can be found on the Internet. It’s all written in a spiral notebook, with a post-it note reminding him that he’s now a senator. More: the statements of expenses are meticulously noted, with the respective distribution of tasks. No one produces evidence against himself, because, with the diligence and determination of the PCC, which has not yet adhered to the “pen drive”, which is still an encouragement. I assumed they were a little more tech-savvy, and it’s a comfort to know they weren’t.

We are back, moreover, to the universal forum of Curitiba. As is known, there were several targets of the operation, but the fact that Moro was on the list took the matter to Curitiba, falling into the hands of Judge Gabriela Hardt, a personal friend of Moro. More than a friend: in the 13th Federal Court of Curitiba, at the time of Lava Jato, what seemed to many to be a partnership took place there.

At the trial of the lawsuit over the Atibaia site, she copied, and admitted to, a long stretch of Moro’s sentence in the case of the Guarujá apartment. She even forgot to replace “apartment” with “farm” — which indicates, it seems, that no re-reading was even carried out. When citing two testimonies that she considered overwhelming against Lula, she evoked the names of José Adelmário and Léo Pinheiro. For those who don’t know: they are the same person. People have the right to suspect that they did not know the process well. Someone more suspicious could infer that the conviction already existed before the records.

And it is evident that it cannot be ignored that the Sequaz operation was launched the day after an unfortunate statement by Lula in the live interview on TV 247, about his desire to “f… Moro”. It is clear that he was referring to the past. But so what? As if that wasn’t enough, then Lula suggested the frame…

It is not a question of sparing Lula the two silly things that can be said, even if everything turns out to be a set-up. He said, he did wrong and is paying the price, obviously. But the carelessness I have noticed in the journalistic handling of the whole thing indicates that the evil that haunted journalism during Lava Jato seems to be there again. Oddities scream but are ignored.

Furthermore, one should not ignore the context in which all this takes place. Moro and Dallagnol were elected, but it was clear — let’s see from now on — that they would be marginal figures in the Senate and in the Chamber, respectively. Although they are not distinguished from Bolsonarism in values, ideology and truculence, they are not considered “root”. The ex-judge was kicked out of the government and treated as an enemy by the Orlando homicide.

Bolsonaro’s return is scheduled for the 30th. That everyone will be together to try to sabotage the Lula government, well, that seems beyond doubt to me. The debate on the new fiscal framework will prove it. It’s wait and see. But it is also necessary to consider that Moro seeks a place on the extreme right. He will open a kind of internal competition on the extreme right to try to be the alternative in 2026 or wants to be a faithful soldier again.

The chance of the former president becoming ineligible is gigantic. Who will carry out the Great March Back proposal? Who will embody the metaphysics of reaction to the civilized world? The episode served, at least momentarily, to return Moro to the game. And, once again, with the collaboration of the press.

“Ah, but can’t she report what’s going on or criticize Lula?” It can and should do both. At least I do them here and everywhere, But you no longer have the right to be naive, to behave as a mere spokesperson for people connected to the investigation, if you don’t find the strange thing strange and ignore that Moro is not just vying for a place like opponent of Lula and the PT: he is also vying for a place as the name of the extreme right.

Or are you going to wait now that an occasional whistleblower appears to say that he received orders from a PT intermediary? The country has already been a victim of this trap.

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