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Gaía Passarelli’s experience with the internet is long. In 1997, the journalist started writing for websites, portals, blogs… She carries some important names on her resume. She has collaborated with vehicles such as Folha de São Paulo, Marie Claire and Viagem e Turismo. She was also editor-in-chief of BuzzFeed in the country and VJ for MTV Brasil.

Writer, in 2016 she published by Globo Livros “Mas Você Vai Sozinha?”, a collection of chronicles of her wanderings around the world. For some years now, between one job and another, Gaía Passarelli has also been dedicating herself to her own newsletter.

In Tá Todo Mundo Tentando, the author publishes chronicles about contemporary life that today reach more than 12 thousand subscribers. The Paulicéia Guide brings together tips on what to do in the city of São Paulo.

Gaía’s videos and texts helped me a lot when creating the Página Cinco newsletter. Thinking of those who also want to follow this path that is increasingly explored by writers of different genres, I invited Gaía to the conversation that you can hear on the podcast.

And, for those who want to go deeper into the subject, next week, on May 16th and 18th, Gaía will teach the ABC course of the Newsletter.

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