“We are absolutely privileged”: HSV fights against the big nervous flutter

The excitement for HSV in the promotion battle is still great, but the perspective has changed. While Tim Walter and his pros have been looking up until now, they now have to look more in the rear-view mirror. Because something is coming, namely Düsseldorf and St. Pauli. One of the pursuers who meet at the Millerntor on Saturday could come within a point of HSV and drastically increase the pressure on the Walter team before the game in Regensburg (Sunday).

Every HSV fan probably started to calculate again when the final whistle blew in Heidenheim on Sunday. With the 0-0 draw against Magdeburg, FCH failed to distance HSV by six points. Hamburg is still four points behind in second place. But as top scorer Robert Glatzel put it so beautifully after the 2-2 win against Paderborn: “If we don’t win our games, we don’t need to talk about other things.”

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There are still three games to play and discussions about HSV continue to increase. Will it be nothing again? Does the club have to spend at least a sixth year in the second division? Or does he somehow still manage to achieve his goals for the season and get promoted to the Bundesliga?

HSV needs two wins to secure third place

If you take the games up to the end of the season as a benchmark, HSV should be able to secure third place. Two wins would definitely be enough. The tasks: Away in Regensburg and Sandhausen (28.5.), also at home against Fürth (21.5.). Absolutely solvable. But what does that mean when nerves play such a big role?

In the past two and a half months, the pros have rarely withstood the pressure. HSV has only won three of the last ten games. Far too little for a candidate for promotion. “But we’ll keep going and we won’t let it get us down,” says keeper Daniel Heuer Fernandes defiantly, adding the reason: “We’re HSV.” But captain Sebastian Schonlau knows what it could lead to: “If it’s relegation , then attack!”

The HSV fans also helped their pros against Paderborn

The HSV between the last hope for second place and the fear of a total crash. At least he can rely on his fans. The attachment wants to help, he made that clear again against Paderborn. Contrary to how Walter perceived it (“We managed to take the audience with us”), it went exactly the other way around. It was the supporters who carried and lifted their pros after their hyper-nervous start.

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The fans remain Hamburg’s biggest trump card until the end of the season. In Regensburg and Sandhausen the HSV block will burst at the seams, the home game against Fürth for the sixth sold-out home game in a row. “We are absolutely privileged,” emphasizes Walter, looking at the appendix and never tires of emphasizing: “We have everything in our own hands.” Only the starting position is getting worse from week to week.

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