We made a shocking discovery in the wall of our new home while renovating – the old owner had a disgusting habit

A COUPLE were left “disgusted” after discovering a huge stash of cigarettes and Viagra stuffed inside the wall of their new home.

Homeowners Kristen Smith, 51, and her husband Tim, 48, stumbled across the tawdry treasure trove while renovating their new digs.


The couple stumbled across the tawdry treasure trove while renovating their new digsCredit: Jam Press
Kristen said she was initially repulsed, but eventually 'couldn't help but laugh'


Kristen said she was initially repulsed, but eventually ‘couldn’t help but laugh’Credit: Jam Press

Kristen said they were “shocked and disgusted” by the heap of trash.

The couple had driven 1,130km from Georgia to Arkansas to check out their new home and get started on renovations.

As Tim cut a hole in a wall to install an electrical socket, they spotted something unusual stuck inside.

As the pair took a closer look, they pulled out a pile of empty boxes that once contained cigarettes and Viagra.

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“We had no idea we would find anything in the wall, especially the amount that we kept pulling out,” Kristen said.

“We didn’t count the number of boxes, but as you can see it filled up one whole trash bag.”

Kristen said she was initially repulsed – but eventually “couldn’t help but laugh at the situation”.

“Especially when we found the empty box of male enhancement pills,” she said.

Given the dates on the boxes of cigarettes, the homeowners believe the wall was put up around 10 to 15 years ago.

“The cigarette packs we learned aren’t from the 1950s [when the home was built]which is why we know this wall was built onto the house,” Kristen said.

She said some hoarder had clearly “decided to empty their cigarette habit into the walls”.

But the couple now fear there could be more rubbish buried in the walls of their home.

“It was one small area of ​​framework, so no telling what else might be between other framing of this interior wall,” Kristen said.

It’s not the first time new homeowners have made bizarre discoveries in the walls of their houses.

Toño Piñeiro uncovered bundles of banknotes hidden in the walls in old Nesquik cans.

He found six aging containers in various parts of a house he was renovating in Spain.

Stuffed inside were neatly ironed banknotes totaling more than nine million pesetas, Spain’s old currency – the equivalent of more than £47,500.

His joy was short-lived when he found some of the notes were so old he could no longer exchange them for euros.

And one renovator thought it was his lucky day when he discovered £150,000 hidden behind a wall – but his dream find turned into a costly nightmare.

Builder Bob Kitts was renovating the bathroom of a period home close to Lake Erie, Cleveland when he uncovered two mysterious locked boxes suspended by a wire below the medicine cabinet.

It turned out the envelopes contained £124,000 and a cardboard box had another £26,000.

But the discovery of the rare late-1920s bills turned into a living nightmare for Mr Kitts as he and the homeowner couldn’t decide on how to split the money.

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The couple pulled out empty boxes of 'male enhancement' pills


The couple pulled out empty boxes of ‘male enhancement’ pillsCredit: Jam Press
Kristen said they were 'shocked and disgusted' by the heap of trash


Kristen said they were ‘shocked and disgusted’ by the heap of trashCredit: Jam Press

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