We reject war in Ukraine, says Ambassador Azzarello

The Italian-Brazilian community is an invaluable asset

“The celebrations for the Feast of the Italian Republic, established after the long and painful years of destruction caused by the two world wars, are also an occasion to repudiate the tragedy of Ukraine and any other conflict that, in different latitudes, afflicts different regions of the planet, and to reinforce the importance of trust in shared values ​​and struggles”.

This is the message of the Italian ambassador to Brazil, Francesco Azzarello, when he greeted “the Italian men and women who are celebrating in Brazil the 77th anniversary of the foundation of the Italian Republic”.

“According to the most recent estimates, the Italian-Brazilian community has around 32 million people. It is the largest in the world”, explains the ambassador.

“Italian citizens total around 750,000, while the growing Brazilian community in Italy is estimated at 150,000 people. A common heritage of blood, values, sympathy and absolutely invaluable friendship. From the south to the north of Brazil, from the metropolises to the agricultural regions and the most remote interior, compatriots are an excellence in all sectors”.

“Italy continues to make a substantial contribution to the development of Brazil, in a true spirit of partnership, much appreciated and of mutual enrichment”, explains Azzarello. “And it does so thanks to the living example of witnesses of excellence, their beauty and creativity, the strength of ideas that, we hope, can continue to be expressed in their most productive forms, in solidarity and in the happy and prosperous coexistence between our values ​​and our peoples.” “Brazil will assume the presidency of the G20 from the 1st of December, while Italy will assume the presidency of the G7 in 2024. The hope is that the immense responsibilities and challenges that await us can coagulate an ever greater bilateral and international cooperation, in a constructive spirit of genuine promotion of peace, in the obligatory and essential respect of international law. , personalities, divisions and conflicts”, concludes the diplomat. .

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