Weather Germany: clouds, temperatures, wind and prospects

Status: 05/20/2023 5:33 p.m

On Sunday there will be a lot of sunshine in addition to loose clouds, more compact clouds in the north-west and local showers. A few thunderstorms in the afternoon and evening, especially over the mountains. 16 to 28 degrees.

forecast clouds

On Sunday night there will be a few showers or thunderstorms in the Alps. A few weakening showers and thunderstorms are also moving northwest from Saxony and Thuringia; they reach the North Sea and Schleswig-Holstein in the morning hours. Most of the time it stays dry and it loosens up and clears up more and more, especially in the middle and in the south. Fog fields form in places.

Sunday brings a lot of sunshine in addition to mostly loose cloud fields. More compact clouds are still on the way in the north and northwest and there are already a few showers from the night in the North Sea area. In the afternoon and evening there will also be local showers or thunderstorms – especially over the mountains – heavy rain and small hail are also possible. But mostly it stays dry.

temperatures night

On Sunday night, the air will cool down to between 15 degrees in the Rhine-Main area and 7 degrees in the Alpine valleys.

temperatures day

On Sunday it will be warm in early summer with maximum values ​​of 24 to 28 degrees, on the coasts it will remain cooler with 16 to 20 degrees.

forecast wind

The wind does not play a role south of the Danube on Sunday, apart from gusts of wind during thunderstorms. Otherwise a moderate east wind will blow again, in the north also fresh. This results in fresh to strong gusts of 35 to 45 km/h, and stiff gusts of up to 60 km/h in the higher elevations of the northern and central low mountain ranges.

More prospects

It will be more changeable on Monday: With a mix of longer sunshine and cumulus clouds, local showers and thunderstorms will develop over the course of the day. In the north-west and west there will be some heavy and thundery showers from the morning, which can develop into storms over the course of the day. In the north-east and in parts of Bavaria it will mostly remain dry and sunny. 18 to 29 degrees.

Also on Tuesday there will be partly sunshine, partly dense clouds. In addition, there will be some heavy showers and thunderstorms, mainly in the south and east. It’s getting cooler: 15 to 25 degrees.

On Wednesday there will be a lot of sunshine in the north-west half and it will remain dry. In the south-east half it will continue to be slightly changeable with sun, clouds and showers as well as a few thunderstorms. 15 to 23 degrees.

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