What are the penalties for highway blockades?

BERLIN. With blockades, the climate extremists of the “last generation” paralyze traffic on the Berlin city highway in numerous places every morning. To do this, on the A100 with rental cars, they slow down the other cars in all lanes, stop and stick themselves to the vehicles. The result is hours of traffic jams. What penalties are due?

The catalog of fines only stipulates 30 euros for stopping on the motorway. If there is a disability, such as that caused by the members of the “Last Generation” on purpose, the fine increases to 35 euros.

Dangerous intervention in road traffic?

A dangerous intervention in road traffic can only be considered if the climate extremists brake violently for their blockades, said an official lawyer specializing in traffic law daily mirror. This criminal offense carries heavy fines or even up to five years in prison.

But this case is not even given when drivers crash into the end of the artificially created traffic jam and an accident occurs. It only affects the cars driving directly behind the climate extremists.

Police examine dangerous highway maneuvers

In one case recorded by a dashcam, however, the perpetrators can be seen cutting other motorists on the A100, driving across several lanes and then stopping. Here the police check loudly daily mirror the suspicion of dangerous intervention in road traffic.

How the public prosecutor’s office actually pursues the massive blockades, which also impede rescue and police operations, only the upcoming proceedings will show. So far, the prosecutors have left it at penal orders with fines. Judgments were only made when the extremists lodged an objection. In only a few cases did the judges impose suspended sentences. Otherwise, it was almost always fines. (fh)

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