“What are you doing with this guy?” – Angela Okorie leaks Uche Elendu’s chat with Uche Maduagwu

Angela Okorie, a Nollywood actress, leaked a conversation between Uche Elendu and Uche Maduagwu.

The conversation between Uche Maduagwu and Elendu focused on finding out the cause of Elendu’s disagreement or animosity towards Angela Okorie.

Uche Maduagwu sought insight into the nature of the alleged “beef” in the leaked conversation.

Uche Elendu, on the other hand, refused to reveal any information, claiming that she has no issues or conflicts with Angela Okorie.

Angela Okorie drew attention to the leaked chat on her Instagram page and questioned Uche Elendu about her connection or involvement with the actor.

Under the caption of the screenshot, she wrote:

“What are you doing with that guy who only gets one bra, Evang Uche?” Dirty people”.

Recall that Angela Okorie and Uche Elendu accused her and Anita Joseph of sleeping with a local doctor to gain fame.

The strain occurred on Uche Elendu’s 40th birthday. Angela Okorie, who expressed her anger, took to social media to make some derogatory remarks against Uche, claiming that she was faking her age as she was no less than 50 years old.

In a more recent development, she also began dating Anita Joseph, whom she described as the most useless person in her group.

“Anita Joseph is the most useless of them all” – Angela Okorie Lambast’s ex-girlfriend

Angela Okoriea popular Nollywood actress, has escalated her longstanding feud with Uche Elendu by involving another colleague, Anita Joseph.

Angela Okorie has previously slammed a friend for sharing her footage with controversial blogger Stella Dimoko Korkus.

In a novel twist, she released a follow-up post featuring a picture of Anita Joseph, a close friend of Uche Elendu, calling her the most worthless member of her group.

Angela Okorie, on the other hand, described Anita’s husband, MC Fish, as a decent man.

She also stated that she would target any of her colleagues who tried to intervene in her conflict with Uche Elendu, whom she uses as a sacrificial lamb.

“Ah, I see people calling this Okuku. This is the most useless of them all, but her husband is a good guy. “Anyone who talks nonsense, I will use you as a scapegoat,” she wrote.

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