What Did The Game Tell Cody Rhodes on WWE RAW?

What Did The Game Tell Cody Rhodes on WWE RAW?

The latest episode of WWE RAW, which served as a build-up to the Night of Champions event, featured an intense confrontation between Triple H and Cody Rhodes. Triple H, the Chief Content Officer, urged Rhodes to seek medical attention for his injury, but Rhodes had a different plan in mind.

Recapping the thrilling events of tonight’s WWE RAW, the atmosphere intensified when the relentless Brock Lesnar launched a brutal assault on Rhodes from behind the scenes. In an attempt to diminish his rival, Lesnar fearlessly issued an Open Challenge for Night of Champions, further igniting the anticipation for the upcoming event.

Adding to the suspense, Lesnar applied a devastating Kimura Lock on Rhodes, seemingly breaking his arm. This left the audience concerned about the status of their scheduled encounter. However, their concerns were ultimately alleviated as the story unfolded, leaving them eager to witness the impending clash of these formidable competitors.

Triple H Approached Cody Rhodes

During a backstage segment on WWE RAW, Triple H approached a visibly enraged Cody Rhodes. The conversation revolved around Rhodes’ reluctance to seek medical attention for his arm injury, with Triple H expressing his understanding of Rhodes’ fear.

Triple H confronted Rhodes, suggesting that his hesitance stemmed from the fear that if a doctor confirmed the severity of the injury, Triple H would prevent him from participating in the Night of Champions match against Brock Lesnar. He stated “You’re afraid that if the doctor comes here and tells you it’s broken, I am not gonna let you go [to] Night of Champions to face Brock Lesnar.””Over this? Over an arm?” yelled Cody. 

Rhodes vehemently objected, passionately asserting that his legs were fully functional and he would make his way to the ring, regardless of the arm injury.  He praised Rhodes’ resilience in the past, citing his unforgettable performance against Seth Rollins with a torn pec inside Hell in a Cell.  

He stated “My legs are working just fine. I will walk to the ring. C’mon!””You don’t have to prove anything to anybody here. This is not about how tough you are,” Triple H replied. ” It is not. I have watched you go into the ring with a torn pec against Seth Rollins inside Hell in a Cell. I’ve never seen anything like it. No question for a second how tough you are.” However, Triple H emphasized the importance of considering the long-term consequences, reminding Rhodes of the year he had spent sidelined due to injury, urging him to weigh the potential risks. He stated “But this is different. Think about that year you spent on the shelf. A year out of your career, out of your life.”

For those who may not be aware, Cody Rhodes endured a genuine pectoral muscle tear during an episode of WWE RAW leading up to Hell in a Cell in 2022.  After the intense match, Rhodes endured a demanding seven-month recovery period to fully heal from his injury.

Cody Rhodes’s Perfect Response to Triple H 

Cody Rhodes, the top babyface of Monday Night RAW, continues to captivate audiences with his unwavering popularity, rooted in his respect for fans and determined demeanor. In a recent non-wrestling role, Rhodes showcased these qualities during a compelling segment.

During his interaction with Triple H, Rhodes acknowledged a challenging year but highlighted the importance of not succumbing to cowardice. He expressed his refusal to return to Monday Night RAW as a mere shadow of himself and emphasized the significance of participating in the Night of Champions event. 

He stated “I understand. That year was terrible. You know what’s far worse? What would happen to me if I just came back as a coward, if I just came back to Monday Night RAW a complete shadow of myself if I didn’t go to Night of Champions and fight.”

Curious about Triple H’s perspective, Rhodes posed a hypothetical question about how the situation would be handled if their roles were reversed. Triple H had faced adversity before, enduring a broken arm inflicted by Brock Lesnar, but ultimately triumphed in a No Hold Barred match at WrestleMania 29. Using his own circumstances as motivation, Rhodes declared his intent to compete at Night of Champions. Silently, the King of Kings acknowledged Rhodes’ determination by tapping him on the back, concluding the segment on WWE RAW with a gesture of appreciation.

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