What happened to MAXPRO Fitness after Shark Tank?

Fitness products tend to do well on Shark Tank, with companies like Terra-Core and Simply Fit Board continuing to thrive after their TV appearances. MAXPRO Fitness is no exception. It helped that MAXPRO was able to show good numbers despite a meager marketing budget. “In fact, we’re the highest-grossing first-year company ever to appear on the show!” Nezar Akeel proudly told SimpliFaster.

MAXPRO sells its entire line of products on its website, where the original portable cable machine retails for $1,199 (as of this writing, it retails for $797). It’s a steep price – in fact, it’s more expensive than the $849 model Akeel brought for “Shark Tank” – but it’s still a lower price than comparable home gyms like NordicTrack or Tonal.

MAXPRO is still $849 on Amazon and has a respectable 4.1-star rating there. Some customers have criticized the resistance that can get stuck with heavier weight and the price of add-on products like the foldable bench and wall rail.

Still, MAXPRO is largely on the rise, with an active Instagram presence that includes fitness influencers, military members, and even celebrities like Chris Daughtry. The company also hopes to integrate more technology in the future by touting immersive VR workouts on LinkedIn, which are still in development.

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