What Happened to Nikki Lilly? What condition Does She Have?

Who is Nikki Lilly?

Nikki Lilly, born on July 22, 2004, is a British charity campaigner, author, television presenter, and YouTuber. She gained international recognition when she won the International Emmy Kids Award in 2019 for her episode of the CBBC show “My Life,” titled “Nikki Lilly Meets.”

She also appeared in “Celebrity Supply Teacher” and taught a lesson on vlogging. At the age of six, Nikki was diagnosed with arteriovenous malformation (AVM), an uncommon medical condition that required numerous surgeries and has visibly changed her physical appearance. Nikki’s condition has caused her to miss four months of primary school and travel to America multiple times for treatment.

Nikki became known for her YouTube videos, which she started making at the age of eight, to share her experiences of living with a visible difference caused by AVM. Her YouTube channel covers various topics, including living with a chronic illness, bullying, mental health, baking, and beauty.

In addition to her YouTube channel, Nikki is also an author and television presenter. She is the youngest person ever to receive the BAFTA Special Award, which she was awarded in 2019, and in 2016, she received the Child of Courage award at the Pride of Britain Awards. Despite her condition, Nikki is a determined young woman who uses her platform to raise awareness about AVM and inspire others to embrace their differences.


What Happened to Nikki Lilly?

AVM is an infrequent medical condition that occurs when blood vessels in the head, neck, or spine swell abnormally, forming an atypical tangle of arteries and veins. Nikki, a person with AVM, experiences the condition on the right side of her face and occasionally suffers life-threatening nosebleeds, resulting in over 40 surgeries.

To cope with the physical changes brought on by AVM, Nikki took to YouTube to share her interests in makeup, music, food, and her daily routine. She shared her medical journey but chose to focus on her similarities with others her age, rather than her differences.

Although Nikki eventually allowed comments on her videos, she initially faced negative feedback, which she found challenging to handle. However, she came to realize that such comments reflected more about the people posting them than her. While she acknowledges that the negative comments sometimes get to her, she has become somewhat inured to them because of the frequency with which they occur.

Despite facing bullying, Nikki has never tried to alter herself. She encourages others to embrace self-love and authenticity, emphasizing that everyone is unique and that conformity would make the world dull.

Although Nikki has numerous commitments, including running a charity with her parents that raises awareness of AVM, she also recognizes the importance of taking it easy from time to time. In June 2018, she was hospitalized after extensive bleeding and was placed in a coma for eight days to stabilize her condition and allow her body to rest.

What Condition Does Nikki Lilly Have?

Nikki Lilly has AVM, which is an abbreviation for Arteriovenous Malformation. AVM is a rare medical condition that occurs when blood vessels in the head, neck, or spine swell abnormally, forming an atypical tangle of arteries and veins. In Nikki’s case, the condition affects the right side of her face, and she sometimes experiences life-threatening nosebleeds, which have resulted in her undergoing over 40 surgeries.

Despite her medical challenges, Nikki has used her experiences to inspire others and promote self-love and authenticity. She has shared her story on her YouTube channel, which has amassed over 1 million subscribers, and also founded a charity with her parents to raise awareness of AVM and fund research into the condition.

What Happened to Nikki Lilly Eye?

Nikki Lilly has a medical condition called arteriovenous malformation (AVM) which affects the blood vessels in her head, neck, and spine. This condition has primarily affected the right side of her face, including her eye. As a result of the AVM, she has had over 40 surgical procedures.

It’s unclear from the information provided what specifically happened to Nikki’s eye, but it’s likely that she has undergone surgeries to correct any issues related to the AVM in that area. The AVM can cause swelling of arteries and veins, which can lead to complications such as nosebleeds and other health issues.

Despite her condition, Nikki has become a YouTube star and Junior Bake Off champion, and has her own television series. She uses her platform to discuss makeup, music, cuisine, and her everyday routine as a way to cope with the physical and emotional challenges caused by the AVM. Additionally, she has started a charity to raise awareness and fund research for AVM.

What Does Nikki Lilly Have?

Nikki Lilly has arteriovenous malformation (AVM), a rare medical condition that causes a tangled network of blood vessels leading to swollen arteries and veins in the head, neck, or spine. The condition primarily affects the right side of her face, although it can also induce deadly nosebleeds. Nikki has had over 40 surgical procedures due to her illness. Despite her medical condition, she has become a YouTube star and Junior Bake Off champion and has her own television series. She has also started a charity to fund research and raise awareness for AVM.

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