What Happened to Rasheem Carter? and His Death Update

What Happened to Rasheem Carter? 

Rasheem Ryelle Carter, a 25-year-old man who was working on a contract in Taylorsville, went missing on October 2nd outside a Super 8 Hotel in Laurel. It is said that he was found dead with his head severed. His family believes that he was threatened and followed by white men in the area, and they have called for a thorough investigation into his disappearance and death. According to the family, Carter visited the Taylorsville police department a day before his disappearance and told them that he was in danger and feared for his life. He requested a ride to the Super 8 hotel in Laurel, but the police refused, citing jurisdictional boundaries. Carter returned to the police station on foot early the next morning, seeking help, but was once again turned away. He informed his mother that white men were after him and provided her with their names and a description of their white truck. Despite more than three months have passed, the family has yet to receive any answers regarding what happened to Rasheem Carter. To help cover the costs associated with seeking justice for Rasheem and to alleviate the financial burden that has arisen from this process, the family has launched a GoFundMe campaign.

Rasheem Carter Cause of Death

In early October, Rasheem Ryelle Carter went missing under mysterious circumstances. Less than a month later, his remains were discovered on private property in a wooded area in Taylorsville. According to Carter’s mother, he was being chased by white men who threatened him with racial slurs. Although Sheriff Houston initially denied foul play, he continued to maintain his position during an interview with NBC News, stating that nothing was being hidden.

The strange circumstances surrounding Rasheem Carter’s disappearance and death have left his family searching for answers. To aid them in their quest for justice, nationally renowned civil rights and personal injury attorney Ben Crump has joined the family. In a tweet, he called for a federal investigation into Carter’s killing, stating that an independent autopsy had revealed that his death was not due to natural causes. The cause of Rasheem Carter’s death remains undetermined, but an independent autopsy conducted by the office of civil rights attorney Benjamin Crump revealed that he had been dismembered and that his head was not attached to his body.

Who is Rasheem Carter? 

Rasheem Carter was a 25-year-old father and welder from Fayette, Mississippi, who went missing on October 2, 2022. His mother, Tiffany Carter, reported him missing after he called her in distress, claiming that he was being chased by white men who used racial slurs. Rasheem was in Taylorsville, 100 miles away from his hometown, on a business trip when he went missing. Before becoming a welder, Rasheem ran a seafood restaurant, but it was forced to close due to the Covid-19 pandemic. He had been saving up money with the goal of re-opening the restaurant.

Was Rasheem Carter Married?

When Rasheem wasn’t busy working as a welder, he cherished spending quality time with his 7-year-old daughter, Cali. Rasheem welcomed Cali with Justiss White, but the current status of their relationship is unknown. Justiss shared that Rasheem was a devoted father who kept all of his promises to his daughter. According to Justiss, Rasheem would call Cali every day, and they would spend hours on the phone together, talking like teenagers. Even though Rasheem is no longer with them, Cali still remembers him fondly and talks about him every day.

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