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Power Book II: Ghost

Power Book II: Ghost is a drama television series that debuted on Starz on September 6, 2020. Created by Courtney A. Kemp, the show serves as both a sequel and spin-off to the hit series Power. The show was renewed for a third season in December 2021 and premiered on March 17, 2023. Prior to the third season’s release, the series was also renewed for a fourth season in January 2023.

What Happened to Redman in Power Book II Ghost?

The Powerverse is expanding with the introduction of new characters, who often provide crucial information about the main characters. In the second season of Power Book II: Ghost, fans were introduced to Theo, a character who is currently incarcerated and visited by Davis MacLean. However, viewers were surprised when the role of Theo Rollins was recast, and Redman’s absence in the show has upset fans who were eagerly awaiting his storyline’s development. In episode 3, when Cooper Saxe visited the prison to talk to Theo about his case, the new actor was revealed, leaving many viewers shocked. Rumors on social media suggest that Redman was recast after refusing to get vaccinated against COVID-19.  However, this has not been confirmed by any official sources. Despite this, the producers, the writing team, and Starz have remained silent on the issue, and Redman himself has not addressed the recasting. 

Why is Redman Not on Power?

Season three of “Power Book II: Ghost,” which premiered on March 17, has continued the show’s tradition of surprising viewers with unexpected plot twists. Several new characters have been introduced, and one character believed to be dead has made a surprising return. However, fans have noticed that one familiar face has not made an appearance in the new season. Despite requests for information from viewers, neither showrunner Brett Mahoney, executive producer 50 Cent, nor Redman himself have made any statement regarding the rapper’s absence or possible recasting. Representatives for Starz have not responded to requests for comment. Fans are eager for an explanation for Redman’s absence from the show. The reason for Redman’s departure from Power Book II: Ghost has not been officially confirmed by the show’s producers or network. Jordan Mahome has taken over Redman’s role as Theo Rollins in season three of the show.

Is Redman Still on Power Book II Ghost?

No, Redman is not currently on Power Book II: Ghost. His character, Theo Rollins, was recast and is now played by Jordan Mahome in season three. There has been no announcement or indication that Redman will return to the show in the future. The latest season of “Power Book II: Ghost,” which premiered on March 17, has kept up with the show’s reputation for surprising plot twists. While it has introduced new characters and brought back a supposedly deceased character, fans have noticed that one well-known face has not made a return. In season two, viewers were introduced to Theo Rollins, the imprisoned brother of defense attorney Davis MacLean (played by Method Man). Theo’s character was portrayed by Redman, a renowned rapper and frequent collaborator of Method Man. 

Who Plays Theo Rollins in Power Book II: Ghost Season 3?

Jordan Mahome has been cast as Theo Rollins in season three of “Power Book II: Ghost,” taking over the role previously played by Redman. Mahome appears in the third episode, where he shares a scene with Shane Johnson’s Cooper Saxe, who is investigating Theo’s case for his colleague Davis. According to Davis, Theo took the blame for a manslaughter charge to cover for him when he was younger, resulting in Theo’s extended prison sentence due to a plea deal. Mahome is a recognizable face to some, having appeared in TV shows such as “Ray Donovan,” “The Get Down,” “The Punisher,” and “For Life.” It is uncertain whether Mahome will reprise his role as Theo in future episodes of the show.

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