What happened to Swimply after Shark Tank?

Bunim Laskin founded Swimply back in 2018, but when the Shark Tank episode showcasing the app aired in March 2020, Laskin had an unexpected and dismal business fortune. Apparently, around the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, public swimming was almost non-existent in many parts of the world.

Whether it was people swimming during local lockdowns or the popularity of “Shark Tank,” TechCrunch reported that Swimply’s revenue saw an atomic 4,000% increase in 2020, leading to The Haie led a new round of financing without any help. Could they regret their decision to abandon what eventually grew into a successful business? It’s possible, although Swimply has also encountered some difficulties since its Shark Tank appearance. This CNN article reports problems with scammers who “rent” pools they don’t actually own. And in 2021, Wisconsin lawmakers reportedly tried to impose licensing regulations on homeowners who offer their pools for rent (but they later backed out).

In any case, things seem to be going well for Swimply now, even though the sharks from Shark Tank have decided not to swim in its uncharted waters. And the advertising effect known as the “shark tank effect” writes another success story in his column.

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