What happened to Yolanda Saldivar? Is she still in prison?

Who is Yolanda Saldivar? 

Yolanda Saldívar was known as Selena’s biggest fan when the singer was still alive. She established the Selena Fan Club in 1991 and even left her nursing job to manage it full-time. In 1994, she was entrusted with running Selena’s two boutiques in Texas, and she became an important figure in Selena’s life. According to Saldívar’s 20/20 interview, Selena even referred to her as “mom.”

However, their relationship had a darker side. Saldívar was possessive and obsessed with Selena, as confirmed by people who knew her. For instance, a woman who lived with Saldívar discovered that her apartment was like a shrine to Selena, with pictures of her plastered on every wall. Martin Gomez, a fashion designer at Selena’s boutiques, had to quit his job due to Saldívar’s erratic behavior. She would often become angry when crossed and play mind games with others, claiming they had said things they hadn’t. Gomez also found that the clothing he worked on would often be tampered with while he was away.

Eventually, customers began complaining about unfulfilled orders, revealing that Saldívar was not only mismanaging the boutiques but likely embezzling money as well. Abraham Quintanilla, Selena’s father, discovered evidence of Saldívar’s theft from the boutiques and fan clubs. On March 9, 1995, the Quintanilla family confronted Saldívar about her actions and threatened to involve the police in the embezzlement investigation.

What happened to Yolanda Saldivar? 

Yolanda Saldívar, who was once known as Selena’s biggest fan, ended up being the one who took the life of the beloved Tejano singer. Before the tragic incident on March 31, 1995, Saldívar had founded and managed Selena’s fan club and boutiques, but her obsessive and possessive behavior caused concerns among those close to Selena. Abraham Quintanilla, Selena’s father, discovered evidence of embezzlement by Saldívar, leading to a confrontation that ultimately ended in Selena’s death.

At only 23 years old, Selena was an icon in Tejano music and was on the verge of breaking into the mainstream music industry with her first English-language album. Her death was a tremendous loss for her fans, the Latinx community, and the music industry as a whole. Her legacy lives on through tribute concerts, biopics, and other media.

Selena Quintanilla was a rising star who had already achieved remarkable success at the young age of 23. She had established herself as a significant figure in the Latin music industry and had also ventured into other fields such as modeling, acting, and fashion design. Her tragic death was a devastating loss for her family and countless fans who admired her talent and charisma.

Unfortunately, the conversation about Selena’s career will always be tied to the tragic end of her life. Had she lived, Selena would have turned 49 years old. Despite her untimely passing, her influence and relevance continue to grow and inspire new generations.

Is Yolanda Saldivar still in prison?

Yes, Yolanda Saldivar is still in prison but she may be released on parole in 2025 due to good behavior. Typically, an inmate’s eligibility for parole depends on their conviction and serving at least half of their sentence. Saldivar, currently serving a life sentence in Mountain View Prison in Texas, requested a new trial in 2019 claiming prosecutors withheld favorable evidence for Selena, but the request was denied. The Texas Department of Criminal Justice confirmed that Saldivar, now 60 years old, will be eligible for parole in March 2025, marking 30 years since the beginning of her sentence.

Saldívar’s trial for the murder of Selena drew significant attention from the Latino community in the United States. While the trial was not televised, cameras were allowed on the courthouse premises. Due to concerns that Saldívar could not receive a fair trial in Selena’s hometown, the venue was moved to Houston, Texas.

Before the trial began, CNN reported that prosecutors were planning to present a controversial police confession signed by Saldívar. In the confession, she admitted to shooting Selena “during an argument over accusations from the singer’s father that Saldívar stole money from Selena’s accounts”. The defense, on the other hand, intended to introduce testimony from Texas Ranger Robert Garza, who claimed that he overheard Saldívar claim the shooting was accidental and that she objected when police failed to include it in her statement.

During the trial, the defense argued that the shooting was accidental. However, the prosecution pointed out that Saldívar, who was a trained nurse, did not call 911 or try to help Selena after she was shot.

After less than three hours of deliberation on October 23, 1995, the jury found Saldívar guilty of murder. She was sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole in thirty years, which was the maximum prison term allowed in Texas at the time. On November 22, 1995, she was processed at the Gatesville Unit (now the Christina Melton Crain Unit) in Gatesville, Texas.

What was Yolanda Saldivar charged with?

Yolanda Saldivar was charged with the murder of singer Selena. Now she is reaping what she did to the young singer. The gun that was used to kill Selena went missing after the trial, but it was eventually discovered in a box of office supplies at the home of court reporter Sandra Oballe. Oballe claimed she was unaware she had the weapon. Despite opposition from some historical groups, the gun was dismantled and its pieces were thrown into Corpus Christi Bay in 2002.

Saldívar has requested that the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals accept a petition challenging her conviction. She alleges that the petition was filed in 2000 with the 214th District Court, but was never sent to the higher court. Her request was received on March 31, 2008, the 13th anniversary of Selena’s death.

Saldívar has been portrayed by several actresses, including Lupe Ontiveros in the movie Selena, Damayanti Quintanar in the series Selena’s Secret, Natasha Perez in the Netflix original series Selena: The Series, and E.A. Costillo in the television documentary Murder Made Me Famous.

How old was Yolanda Saldivar in 1995?

Yolanda Saldivar was about 35 years when she shot Selena Quintilla. It is a tragic reminder that Yolanda Saldivar, the woman convicted of killing beloved Tejano music star Selena Quintanilla, still walks among us at the age of 62. Despite being incarcerated for over two decades, Saldivar remains a haunting figure, a reminder of the senseless violence that can occur in even the most seemingly innocuous of situations.

It is a sad reality that Saldivar’s name will forever be linked with the untimely death of Selena, a vibrant and talented performer whose life was cut short in her prime. And while Saldivar may have been granted the gift of longevity, she will never be able to escape the consequences of her actions.

The fact that Saldivar is now a senior citizen only adds to the bleakness of the situation. She has had over 20 years to reflect on the damage she has caused, yet she remains imprisoned, unable to make amends for her past misdeeds.

One can only imagine the remorse and regret that Saldivar must feel as she ages behind bars. Her actions have forever altered the course of history, and she will be forever remembered as the woman who took Selena from us far too soon.

In the end, it is difficult to find any silver lining in Saldivar’s continued existence. While some may argue that she has paid her debt to society, the truth is that nothing can ever truly make up for the loss of a life as bright and promising as Selena’s.

Yolanda Saldivar Husband

Yolanda Saldivar, the woman convicted of killing Tejano music star Selena Quintanilla, has never been married. Therefore, she does not have a husband. Saldivar is currently serving a life sentence in prison for the murder of Selena, which took place in 1995.

Yolanda Saldivar was born in San Antonio, Texas on September 19, 1960, as one of the seven children of Frank and Juanita Saldivar. Her father was a record producer and owned a record label, and the family moved to Lake Jackson, Texas in 1971 so that he could start a new record label. He also worked as a head waiter at Jacala, a Mexican restaurant in the West End. Unfortunately, there is very little information available about Frank’s current whereabouts or activities.

Yolanda’s mother, Juanita, was born and raised in Nuestra Senora del Refugio, Mexico. She was a housewife and supported her husband’s endeavors. After her daughter’s conviction, she has devoted her time to preserving Selena’s memory and established the Selena Foundation, which offers scholarships to Hispanic students. Juanita has also written two books about Selena’s life.

Yolanda had seven siblings, including Armando Saldivar, but little is known about him. Maria Elida, Yolanda’s sister, was not in the public eye until her name was brought up in Yolanda’s alleged embezzlement of funds. Selena and her father discovered that the fan club’s bank account was registered under Maria Elida’s name and confronted her about the mismanagement of funds, but she failed to provide an explanation. Like Yolanda’s other siblings, Maria Elida remains out of the spotlight, and there is limited information available about her.

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