What Happened to Ziva on NCIS? Did Ziva Really Die on NCIS?

What Happened to Ziva on NCIS?

In the first episode of Season 7 of NCIS titled “Truth or Consequences,” Ziva David’s character is believed to be dead. The episode starts with the team desperately searching for Ziva, who had gone missing while on an undercover mission. It is initially presumed that she did not survive. However, as the episode progresses, Ziva is discovered to be alive.

She is found captive and is eventually rescued by her teammates Tony DiNozzo and Tim McGee. During the rescue operation, their team leader, Leroy Gibbs, kills her captor. After her rescue, Ziva makes a significant decision regarding her future.

She resigns from her position in Mossad, the Israeli intelligence agency, and expresses her desire to become a full-fledged agent of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS). Additionally, she begins the process of applying for American citizenship.

This turn of events marks a pivotal moment in Ziva’s character arc, as she transitions from her previous role in Mossad to becoming an integral part of the NCIS team. It sets the stage for her continued involvement and development within the show’s storyline in subsequent seasons.

Did Ziva Really Die on NCIS?

Ziva David’s character is revealed to be alive in the storyline of NCIS after the Season 13 finale. In this episode, Ziva is presumed dead after a mortar attack on her home. The devastating attack leads the team to believe that Ziva has tragically lost her life. The episode focuses on the aftermath of Ziva’s presumed death, exploring the emotional impact it has on the team members.

Her absence leaves a void and elicits deep grief among her colleagues, particularly her former partner Tony DiNozzo. In subsequent episodes and seasons, it is discovered that Ziva survived the mortar attack that was initially believed to have caused her death.

While there were initial implications of Ziva’s death in “Family First,” it is later revealed that she faked her death to protect her family. Ziva’s survival and subsequent return to the show are significant plot points that unfold in later seasons, including her reuniting with her former colleagues and her decision to leave Mossad and pursue a role as an NCIS agent.

Who is Ziva on NCIS?

Ziva David is a fictional character portrayed in the TV series “NCIS.” She is depicted as a former Israeli Mossad officer and an integral member of the NCIS team. Ziva was born on November 12, 1982, in Beer Sheva, Israel, to parents Eli David and Rivka David. Throughout the series, Ziva’s character undergoes various personal and professional challenges. She has a complicated relationship with her half-brother, Ari Haswari, and tragically loses her younger sister, Tali David, during a terrorist attack.

Ziva’s first appearance on NCIS occurs in the third-season premiere episode titled “Kill Ari (Part 1),” which aired on September 20, 2005. From there, she becomes a central character, serving as a special agent on the NCIS team until her departure in the eleventh episode of the seventeenth season titled “In the Wind,” which aired on January 7, 2020. Actress Cote de Pablo portrays Ziva David throughout her tenure on the show, bringing the character to life with her performances.

Who Replaced Ziva on NCIS?

Following the second episode of the 11th season of “NCIS,” actress Cote de Pablo, who portrayed the character of Ziva David, departed from the series as a regular cast member. In a 2016 interview, Cote expressed her affection for the character and revealed that her love for Ziva was the reason behind her decision to leave the show. According to an article on Distractify, Cote stated her fondness for the character during the interview 

“Unfortunately because of political things and scripts not being good enough, I chose not to [return to NCIS]. Look, I love this character! I worked for eight years crafting [Ziva] and when I felt like the character wasn’t being treated with the respect she deserved … They were going to send [Ziva] back to Israel and make her an unfortunate, miserable woman.” She explained that she felt like the storyline of the series NCIS was not respectful to Ziva.

After Cote de Pablo’s departure from the series, a new character named Ellie Bishop, portrayed by Emily Wickersham, joined the team in “NCIS.” Bishop’s character was introduced as a new NSA Analyst who became part of the NCIS team. Her arrival brought a fresh dynamic to the show, filling the void left by Ziva David’s departure. Emily Wickersham took on the role of Bishop, bringing her own unique portrayal and contributing to the evolving storyline of “NCIS.”

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