What is criminal about our methods?

BERLIN. After being accused of being a “criminal organization”, the “Last Generation” claims to have achieved a wave of solidarity from the population. “Let us please stand together for real eco-social change and for democracy!” They appealed to all people in Germany.

The background is a nationwide raid on the radical climate protectors. The police searched several buildings on Wednesday. It was also about 1.4 million euros in donations that were allegedly used for criminal offenses.

“House searches scare us. But we cannot allow ourselves to remain in fear,” commented the “Last Generation” on the raid. “The government is stepping on the accelerator and leading us into climate hell. We have to watch as our livelihoods are destroyed – and so are freedom and democracy.”

“Last Generation” rejects the accusation

They would continue to stand up to protect lives. That’s why they also planned to extend their protest to all of Germany. The entire population is called upon to take part in a demonstration in a town near them next Wednesday.

However, they denied the accusation that they were criminals. “We stand with our names and faces for our protest. We announce what we intend to do,” they said. “We are holding talks with politicians, the police and church leaders. What’s criminal about that? We don’t enrich ourselves – quite the opposite.” (quote)

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