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What the Heiligendorfer Kulturverein organized for students

Updated: 07/21/2023, 13:00

The Heiligendorfer Kulturverein has come up with something special for the primary school children at the start of the summer holidays.

To start in the summer holidays has he Heiligendorfer Kulturverein invited the children of the local elementary school to a summer holiday fun afternoon with the forest educator Manfred Hensel. The association reports on this in a press release. They say it started on the first day of vacation. The happy crowd of children could hardly wait to drive the tractor on a trailer through the Heiligendorfer Feldmark.

Arriving at the edge of the forest, the children already have the forest educator expected with his bitch Frieda. It is reported that the children learned a lot about the secrets of the forest from “Manni”. You would have experienced the forest with all your senses. Special emphasis was placed on the children playing and solving tasks together. They went up search for clues and tried with a lot of patience and team spirit to place an egg and transport this egg together, it is said. At the end of the holiday fun, there were the already traditional hot dogs.

The association would like to say a big thank you to Gabi Hoffmann, Sabine Schüttrumpf and Wilhelm Beese. The rural women not only provided the children and accompanying persons with hot dogs, but also donated them. Wilhelm Beese was very happy to have children with him tractor to the forest and back.

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