What to do with the old heater? TSV Nordheim has a big problem right now

Many sporty people live in Nordheim. More than half of the residents are members of the gymnastics and sports club. TSV chairman André Paulus pointed this out at the general assembly on Friday evening.

The popularity of the club is mainly due to the comprehensive range of offers. Whether football, netball, gymnastics, fitness or senior gymnastics – there is something for every age group. Since 2022 there has also been parent-child gymnastics, where the little ones can have their first sporting experience at the age of one and a half.

The young basketball players play for the German championship

The basketball players of youth 15 had a great success. They had qualified for the Bavarian championship and were runners-up. At the beginning of May they even play for the German championship. The two U15 players Sophie Glaser and Anna Strobel were also spotted for the Bayern squad.

In his report, André Paulus was pleased that there was a new tenant in the sports home. This will start operations in May. “I’m looking forward to when many people come together here in the sports home after training. It’s an important part of club life,” said Paulus.

He also addressed the problem of heating in the gym. The old heater needs to be replaced urgently. But much is uncertain in view of the current political planning. “We have no idea how things will continue and what type of heating we can rely on.” In order to be able to act quickly, he asked the assembly to decide on an investment approval of 25,000 euros and the possibility of borrowing. The members agreed unanimously.

The board of directors is fully confirmed in office

Anika Friedrich referred to the numerous investments such as the renovation of the hallway in the sports center or newly purchased sports equipment. Lease income and the income from the photovoltaic system, which now benefits the club in full, ensured a good result in 2022.

The board then stood for re-election and was confirmed in office: André Paulus (Chairman), Andrea Sauer (2nd Chairman), Tobias Bergner (3rd Chairman), Gudrun Henninger (Treasurer), Anika Friedrich (2nd Treasurer), Sabrina Zang (Secretary).

Honored for long-term loyalty to the association: 25 years: Birgit Hümmer, Gabi Flammersberger, Ruth Christ, Sibylle Neubert, Nico Bienert, Gabriele Rohmfeld, Reinhilde Christ; 40 years: Sonngard Zang, Christa Wiget; 50 years: Marianne Leicht, Magda Kramer, Michael Kirch, Harald Henninger, Hubert Glaser, Helene Braun; 65 years: Inge Falkenstein, Gerd Glaser, Reinhard Braun, Bernd Braun, Hermann Bäuerlein; 70 years: Hannelore Weismantel, Stefan Drescher; 75 years: Albert Bienert (member since 1939).

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