What to say about Luxembourg at Corinthians? – 01/05/2023

Being 70 years old is not an obstacle to being a football coach.

Being outdated and thinking you know everything for what you once were, on the contrary, you should be.

But the most serious thing is not even that, although it is serious, in addition to the terrible recent jobs he has been through.

It is very serious to see Corinthians hire someone convicted, and ineligible for eight years to hold any public office, for electoral fraud and who has already been convicted of tax evasion and homophobic demonstration against a referee.

From the harassment to the manicure, which will come back to the fore, it should be noted, Luxembourg was acquitted in men’s justice.

The conclusion is one: Duilio Monteiro Alves is a former bingo and lowly provocateur on his way to the second division.

After the no Sin Tite and Mano, resorted to a yes as desperate as his, who manages Corinthians according to the reactions of social networks.

It only got worse when it went bankrupt like bingo.

Poor Corinthians. Your future is chaos.

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