What’s left for Cuca – 04/25/2023

In the face of the avalanche of evidence and the lime shovel that is this UOL and reporter Adriano Wilkson’s scoop, what is left for Cuca?

It remains to act like a man and say that you regret what you did.

All that remains is to face the camera and say that what happened in Bern deeply shames him to the point that he has never been able to admit it.

It remains to be recognized that he made a pact with the other abusers.

It remains to be said that he will work to ensure that a child is never again abused.

It remains to apologize for having lied.

It remains to be the first to manage to make this route.

I sincerely hope he is able to visit this dark room and come to terms with his history.

Perhaps he will be surprised by our reaction.

Cuca has the chance to make history the right way now.

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