In Defense of the Status Quo

The New Discourses Podcast with James Lindsay, Episode 8

As a society, we’ve discovered very rapidly over the last few weeks just how radical the agenda of the Critical Social Justice (or Woke) movement really is and how much of value and importance it wants to defund, abolish, disrupt, and dismantle, almost nonsensically. In light of this rampant revelation of radicalism, New Discourses founder James Lindsay sits down to his microphone to give an impassioned defense of something almost no one would possibly defend: the status quo.

Such a defense usually falls within the province of far-right conservatism and reactionaries, but this is not Lindsay’s point. He, being neither reactionary nor conservative at all (he is a left-leaning liberal with genuinely progressive views) therefore doesn’t follow the kind of scripts we might associate with such a defense. Instead, he reveals that the demand to dismantle the status quo relies upon yet another tricky play on words. The status quo that the activists seem to call to dismantle doesn’t exist, but the “status quo” they intend to dismantle is the liberal, even progressive system that we call a free society.

Lindsay makes his case by showing that free, liberal systems are already anathema to the kind of “status quo” that progressive activism hyperbolically warns about and thus exposes the radicals of wanting to do something far more revolutionary, sinister, and dangerous. The “status quo” they’re really attacking is that liberal, progressive system, which they intend to replace with nominal radicalism and de jure authoritarian bureaucracy.

Join Lindsay in this episode of the New Discourses Podcast for a little over an hour of common sense in his liberal defense of the so-called “status quo.”

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