Status Quo Bias: If It Ain’t Broke, Why Fix It? – Cognitive Biases Series | Academy 4 Social Change

The status quo bias is an emotion-based bias that makes people feel that perpetuating the present state of things is preferable over any change. Even if the change would be positive from an objective perspective, humans are programmed to view any deviation from the current reality as a negative loss.

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**Think Further Questions:
1. Name one real-life example of status quo bias that you or someone you know has experienced.
2. What is the most dangerous consequence of the status quo bias that you can think of?
3. In what situations might status quo bias be a positive force in society?

00:00 – Have You Ever?
01:01 – Reason
01:35 – Status Quo Bias
01:51 – How It Works
02:30- Why Care?

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