When will Evil Dead Rise be on HBO Max? When Will the Movie Be Streaming?

Evil Dead Rise

Evil Dead Rise is the heart-stopping supernatural horror masterpiece that will leave you trembling with fear. Penned and helmed by the brilliant Lee Cronin, this fifth installment in the legendary Evil Dead film series promises to shatter all expectations and take you on a terrifying journey like never before.

Featuring a stellar cast led by the fearless Lily Sullivan and the incomparable Alyssa Sutherland, Evil Dead Rise thrusts you into the harrowing lives of two estranged sisters desperately fighting to survive and protect their family from the malevolent deadites. Alongside them, the talented Morgan Davies, the captivating Gabrielle Echols, and the mesmerizing Nell Fisher (making her unforgettable film debut) deliver performances that will haunt your nightmares.

Prepare to be mesmerized as the long-awaited continuation of the Evil Dead saga unfolds. The path leading to Evil Dead Rise was paved with discarded plans for direct sequels to the cult favorite “Evil Dead” (2013) and the beloved “Army of Darkness” (1992), as well as the shelved fourth season of the critically acclaimed “Ash vs Evil Dead” series (2015–2018). But fear not, for in October 2019, the visionary Sam Raimi himself announced the birth of a new Evil Dead film, with the legendary Rob Tapert taking the helm as producer, and Raimi and the iconic Bruce Campbell serving as executive producers. The immensely talented Cronin was entrusted with the task of crafting the spine-chilling screenplay and bringing it to life on the silver screen. Joining the creative forces was none other than New Line Cinema, the esteemed distributor of the very first Evil Dead film, ensuring an unprecedented level of terror and excitement.

Breathtaking and intense, the principal photography for Evil Dead Rise unfolded amidst the mystical landscapes of New Zealand, from June to October 2021. The result? A visual feast of otherworldly horrors that will leave you gripping your seat in anticipation.

Initially set to debut on the renowned streaming service HBO Max, Evil Dead Rise exceeded all expectations during its test screenings, prompting the esteemed distributor Warner Bros. Pictures to make a bold decision. They chose to unleash this terrifying masterpiece upon audiences in theaters first, recognizing the collective shivers and screams that would undoubtedly ripple through the cinema halls.

The wait is finally over! Brace yourself for the electrifying premiere of Evil Dead Rise at the illustrious South by Southwest (SXSW) on March 15, 2023. The film then descended upon audiences in the United States on April 21, courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures. Critics around the world have heralded its arrival, showering it with glowing praise. The film’s sinister allure and relentless terror have captivated audiences, leading to a staggering worldwide box office triumph. With a jaw-dropping $132 million and counting, “Evil Dead Rise” has effortlessly claimed the title of the highest-grossing film in the entire spine-chilling series.

Prepare to be enthralled, thrilled, and utterly terrified. Evil Dead Rise will push the boundaries of your darkest fears, leaving an indelible mark on the annals of horror cinema. Get ready to lose yourself in a nightmarish world where survival is a fragile hope, and evil lurks around every corner. The legacy of Evil Dead lives on, and this time, it’s more diabolical than ever before.

When will Evil Dead Rise be on HBO Max?

There is no fixed date set for Evil Dead Rise be on HBO Max. But it is believed to be set to unleash its terrifying presence on HBO Max in June 2023. As we eagerly await its arrival, let’s dive into the thrilling possibilities surrounding its streaming release. Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema have a tantalizing track record of bringing their movies to HBO Max between 49 and 67 days after their theatrical debuts. With this in mind, we can anticipate that “Evil Dead Rise” will make its streaming debut within this exciting timeframe.

If the sequel follows the footsteps of House Party, with its exclusive theatrical window of 49 days, we could be in for a spine-tingling treat as early as June 9. However, if the horror flick takes inspiration from Shazam! Fury of the Gods, which starts streaming on May 23, we might have to exercise a bit more patience, as “Evil Dead Rise” could possess HBO Max’s virtual halls on June 27.

But that’s not all! Starting May 23, the streaming service we’ve come to love as HBO Max is getting a thrilling makeover. Warner Bros. Discovery is rebranding it to the simple yet powerful name, “Max.” As “Evil Dead Rise” eagerly awaits its streaming debut, it is poised to be one of the first cinematic offerings on the revamped Max. With this exciting transition in mind, it’s highly likely that Warner Bros. will want to make a grand entrance with its captivating horror flick, coinciding with the May 2023 rebranding. So, mark your calendars and get ready for an adrenaline-pumping experience as “Evil Dead Rise” brings its bone-chilling terror to the forefront of Max’s launch, possibly at the beginning of June.

The anticipation is palpable, and horror aficionados are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to experience “Evil Dead Rise” from the comfort of their own homes. As the dark clouds gather and the tension mounts, we can only brace ourselves for the impending release of this nightmarish cinematic gem. Soon, the wait will be over, and we will be plunged into a world of fear and dread, courtesy of Max’s chilling lineup. Get ready to immerse yourself in the macabre as “Evil Dead Rise” prepares to invade your screens and haunt your dreams.

Evil Dead Rise Film Summary

Evil Dead Rise, the latest installment in the beloved horror franchise, brings a fresh and diabolical vision to the screen under the direction of Irish writer/director Lee Cronin. Known for his gritty sensibility showcased in his debut feature “The Hole in the Ground,” Cronin’s approach aligns more closely with the remake’s director, Fede Alvarez, than the original creator, Sam Raimi. However, he shares Raimi’s devilish imagination, which drives the nightmarish narrative of this terrifying film.

The marketing campaign for Evil Dead Rise centers around a particularly gruesome scene involving a cheese grater, but the movie is packed with a cornucopia of creative carnage. From eye trauma and hand trauma to vomit, bugs, broken glass, broken bones, decapitation, dismemberment, stab wounds, shotgun blasts, and even objects piercing through flesh and bone, this film spares no expense in delivering a relentless onslaught of gore. The sheer volume of blood rivals the iconic elevator scene from “The Shining” and drenches two of the main characters from head to toe in the heart-pounding climax.

Shifting the setting from a cabin in the woods to a run-down apartment building in downtown Los Angeles, “Evil Dead Rise” introduces us to a family led by single mom Ellie . Early on, Ellie becomes possessed by a malevolent Deadite, intensifying the horror as she inflicts psychological and physical torment upon her own children. The distressing nature of the situation is amplified by the fact that Ellie’s youngest child, Kassie, is just a tender soul. But even the teenage siblings, Danny  and Bridget  are not spared from the agonizing ordeals that unfold. “Evil Dead Rise” fearlessly explores violence towards children, intertwining it with the extreme gore that makes it a worthy addition to the chilling “Evil Dead” legacy.

While the film’s departure from the classic “cabin in the woods” formula requires more exposition and setup, slightly disrupting the simplicity of the original concept, these intricacies mainly affect the first act. The story must introduce Ellie’s rocker sister Beth (Lily Sullivan), an earthquake that unveils a sinister hole in the parking garage floor, and a mysterious safety deposit box found by Danny containing records that trigger the ensuing chaos. These details build the foundation for what lies ahead in the heart-pounding narrative of “Evil Dead Rise.”

Once the film gains momentum, it becomes an unrelenting force. With its electrifying atmosphere and thrilling pacing, Evil Dead Rise is the type of movie that would have audiences packed into midnight screenings, filling the theaters with shouts, cheers, and genuine screams of terror. Cronin skillfully employs jump scares and nerve-wracking moments that leave viewers gasping and urging the characters to beware their surroundings. The film’s roller coaster-like middle section promises to elicit a cacophony of screams from audiences worldwide.

While not every aspect of the film hits the mark—such as a pregnancy subplot that feels somewhat contrived—the performances, particularly the physicality required and the gruesome prosthetic makeups, shine. Despite featuring a relatively unknown cast led by a relatively inexperienced director, Evil Dead Rise manages to deliver an exhilarating experience that caters to fans’ expectations. Once the narrative finds its stride and provides what the audience craves, the film becomes an absolute blast.

Evil Dead Rise Review

Evil Dead Rise proves to be a thrilling and gruesome ride. Cronin’s dark and gritty approach is reminiscent of the remake’s director, Fede Alvarez, rather than the live-action cartoon style of the original creator, Sam Raimi. However, what he shares with Raimi is a diabolical imagination that brings the horrors to life.

The film’s marketing revolves around a standout scene involving a cheese grater, but “Evil Dead Rise” offers a plethora of creative carnage that surpasses expectations. From eye trauma, hand trauma, and vomit to bugs, broken glass, decapitation, dismemberment, stab wounds, and even objects piercing through heads, this movie spares no expense in delivering a relentless onslaught of gruesome bodily harm.

The sheer volume of blood is staggering, enough to rival the iconic elevator scene from “The Shining” and drench two of the lead characters from head to toe in the film’s final 20 minutes. Moving away from the traditional cabin in the woods, Evil Dead Rise shifts its focus to a family residing in a dilapidated apartment building in downtown Los Angeles.

The disturbing twist comes when single mother Ellie becomes possessed by a malevolent Deadite early on, subjecting her own children to psychological and physical torment. The youngest, Kassie, is particularly vulnerable, but the teenage siblings, Danny and Bridget, also suffer in unimaginable ways. “Evil Dead Rise” fearlessly delves into violence towards children, combining it with extreme gore to create the grueling experience that fans of the franchise crave.

One drawback is the need for additional time and exposition to establish the film’s deviations from the classic “cabin in the woods” formula, potentially jeopardizing the elemental simplicity that defines the “Evil Dead” series. This issue is primarily noticeable in the first act, which introduces Ellie’s rocker sister, Beth (Lily Sullivan), and an earthquake that uncovers a hole in the parking garage floor.

Danny stumbles upon an old safety deposit box containing mysterious records that unleash the horrifying events that follow. The building’s history as a bank adds to the complexities that “Evil Dead Rise” must navigate before diving into the core narrative. However, once the film gains momentum, it never relents. “Evil Dead Rise” becomes an exhilarating experience, akin to a raucous, packed-house-at-midnight event.

The premiere at SXSW was filled with hollering, cheering, and genuine screams of fright from the audience. Cronin fearlessly deploys jump scares and classic “look behind you!” moments to punctuate the relentless bloodbath. A particular scene in the film’s roller coaster-like middle section is bound to incite enthusiastic screams from audiences in theaters worldwide.

While not every aspect of the film hits the mark—such as a pregnancy subplot that feels somewhat out of place—the physical performances, intricate rigging devices, and ghastly prosthetic makeups are commendable achievements. Despite featuring a relatively unknown cast led by a relatively inexperienced director, “Evil Dead Rise” accomplishes a great deal, particularly in delivering the gnarly gore that fans anticipate.

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