Where he lives, what he eats, how Sergio Chapelin became the crown cat at the age of 81

The retired presenter’s appearance on ‘Fantástico’ proves that his lifestyle is good for health

March 27
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In celebration of the 50th anniversary of ‘Globo Repórter’, Renata Ceribelli traveled to Itamonte, in the south of Minas Gerais, about 180 km from Rio, to interview Sergio Chapelin.

He was the presenter who spent the most time at the head of Globo’s reporting program. Between narration and presence in front of the cameras, it was almost 40 years. He said goodbye to the attraction when he retired in September 2019.

Chapelin’s joviality draws attention. It doesn’t look its age. She will turn 82 in May. The almost frowning seriousness of the video hid a smiling and charming man, as we saw in the ‘Show da Vida’ article.

“Sérgio Chapelin at 81 is better than me at 33”, wrote Felipe C. on Twitter. “Sergio Chapelin is like wine, right? Wow, the old man is handsome”, commented Morena Tropical. “What a rich sugar daddy Sergio Chapelin was”, joked Ludix30.

After leaving ‘Jornal Nacional’, in 1996, the announcer took advantage of the reduced workload to spend more time away from the big city. He began to enjoy the lull of the countryside.

After a while, he moved permanently to his farm. He went back and forth from Rio once a week to record ‘Globo Repórter’.

The effort was worth it: he began to enjoy the beauties of the property and a healthier lifestyle for most of the week. The effects are visible: he is much better now than he was 10, 20 years ago.

Chapelin started at Globo in 1972. Eleven years later, he transferred to SBT at the invitation of Silvio Santos, but stayed only 1 year. Despite being retired, he has a lifetime contract with Globo as a reward for his services to the channel.

In a statement to the ‘Memória Globo’ project, the former bank employee who became one of the best known faces in the country evaluated the communication vehicle where he built a successful career.

“I would say that television is the most important thing in this country. Television everyone understands, everyone discusses, everyone gives a hunch, everyone sees. So, I think television is culture.”

Several tweeters praised Sergio Chapelin's appearance:

Several tweeters praised Sergio Chapelin’s appearance: “Like wine”

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