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Where is Bill Coker Now?

Cheryl was disappointed when Bill became fixated on a specific woman despite her wishes for him to end his extramarital affair. Bill, who was Cheryl’s husband of almost two decades, is currently the sole suspect in her disappearance in October 2018, according to Riverside police detective. The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation is currently leading the investigation, and it has been a year since Cheryl’s husband Bill was named as a suspect in the case.

Despite being in an open marriage, Bill’s exclusive interest in a particular woman saddened Cheryl deeply. Cheryl had urged Bill to end the extramarital relationship, but he repeatedly refused, as per the victim’s friends. Although Bill wanted to wait until their youngest daughter turned 18 to reveal their separation, Cheryl filed for divorce on September 21, 2018. Shortly after Bill returned from Florida with their daughter, Cheryl vanished.

Bill Coker Now

According to friends and family, Cheryl and Bill seemed like an odd couple at first glance. Cheryl was outgoing and lighthearted, someone who wore her heart on her sleeve and frequently reached out to those around her. In contrast, Bill was introverted and seemed to keep to himself. Nevertheless, Cheryl appreciated the security and support that Bill provided her following a tumultuous first marriage. The couple could often be seen supporting their daughters at sporting events both locally and while traveling.

Where is Bill Coker Now 2023?

For almost 20 years, William “Bill” Coker and his wife Cheryl Coker appeared to have a happy and contented married life. They tied the knot in 1988 after Cheryl’s previous marriage ended in divorce. The couple shared two daughters, including Marisa from Cheryl’s first marriage, and Mikayla, their own child. Additionally, they were grandparents to Marisa’s daughter. However, Bill was not the faithful and devoted husband he appeared to be.

Cheryl suspected Bill of being unfaithful, and evidence of his infidelity first surfaced 13 years into their marriage. Cheryl put a stop to Bill’s extramarital affair when she found out. However, years later, Cheryl confided in her friends that they were “swingers,” and Shelly Appelhans, one of her acquaintances, revealed that Cheryl was a willing participant. According to Shelly, Cheryl stated that their sex life improved as a result of it.

Bill Coker Now

Cheryl filed for divorce just a few days before her disappearance, according to officials. On October 2, 2018, Cheryl was last seen dropping off her daughter at a school in Riverside, Ohio. During the preliminary investigation, her car was discovered in the Kroger parking lot, as captured by surveillance cameras.

Witnesses saw a hooded man dressed in black, and surveillance footage later revealed Bill Coker entering the store that evening, also dressed in all black, with a noticeable injury above his left elbow. This led authorities to name him as the primary suspect in Cheryl’s disappearance. A mushroom hunter found Cheryl’s remains a year and a half later in April 2020.

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