Where is Chuck Todd Going After Meet The Press? What Happened to Chuck Todd?

Who is Chuck Todd?

Charles David Todd, born on April 8, 1972, is a prominent American television journalist who currently holds the esteemed position of being the 12th moderator of NBC’s long-running and influential show, “Meet the Press.” In addition to his role on “Meet the Press,” Todd also serves as the host of “Meet the Press Now,” the daily edition of the program available on NBC News Now. His influence extends further as he takes on the role of Political Director for NBC News.

Before ascending to the helm of “Meet the Press,” Chuck Todd had an illustrious career as Chief White House correspondent for NBC. During this time, he became well-known for his insightful political reporting. Simultaneously, Todd hosted “The Daily Rundown” on MSNBC, where he delved into the day’s top political stories and issues. His analytical skills and in-depth understanding of the political landscape made him a trusted voice in American journalism.

Chuck Todd’s contributions to NBC News go beyond his roles as moderator and correspondent. He also serves as the on-air political analyst for “NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt” and “Today,” making him a central figure in NBC’s political coverage. In June 2023, Todd made a significant announcement about the future of “Meet the Press.”

He revealed that Kristen Welker, NBC News’ co-chief White House correspondent, would succeed him as the show’s moderator, commencing on September 17, 2023. Todd’s decision to pass the baton to Welker marked a pivotal moment in the history of the show, as she became the first Black journalist and the second woman to take on this role.

Chuck Todd’s career has been marked by his dedication to informing the public and providing insightful political analysis, making him a respected figure in American journalism.



Charles David Todd


April 8, 1972 (age 51)


Miami, Florida, U.S.




NBC News Political Director – Adjunct Professor, Johns Hopkins University


Kristian Denny (married in 2001)



Where is Chuck Todd Going After Meet The Press?

After announcing his departure from “Meet the Press” after nine years as host, Chuck Todd is set to transition to a new role at NBC. He will assume the position of chief political analyst, continuing his influential presence in the field of political journalism. In this role, Todd will play a pivotal part in providing insights and commentary during major events and reporting in the political arena.

Furthermore, he will focus on long-form journalism, allowing him to delve deeply into important issues and stories. Chuck Todd’s departure from the hosting duties of “Meet the Press” does not mark the end of his career at NBC; rather, it signifies a shift towards a role that emphasizes his extensive experience and expertise in political analysis and reporting.

Throughout his tenure as host of “Meet the Press,” Todd oversaw the show during pivotal political moments, including presidential elections, the transition between administrations, and critical events like the U.S. Capitol riot. His move to the position of chief political analyst reflects his continued commitment to providing insightful political coverage and analysis, ensuring that he remains a prominent voice in the world of political journalism at NBC.


What Happened to Chuck Todd?

Chuck Todd, who used to host “Meet the Press,” decided to step down from his hosting role after nearly a decade. He made this choice known during a recent broadcast of the show. However, Chuck Todd is not leaving NBC News; instead, he’s taking on a new role as the chief political analyst.

In his new position, Chuck Todd will continue to be an important figure in the world of politics and journalism. He’ll offer his insights and opinions on political matters and events, providing valuable analysis. He will also focus on creating in-depth stories and reports about various issues.

Chuck Todd’s departure from hosting “Meet the Press” doesn’t mean he’s leaving NBC. He’s just changing his role to one that allows him to use his extensive knowledge and experience in politics to provide valuable information to viewers.

During his time as host of “Meet the Press,” Chuck Todd played a crucial role in covering major political events, such as presidential elections and significant political developments. His transition to chief political analyst signifies that he’s not leaving the field of political journalism but rather taking on a different, more specialized role within it.

Chuck Todd Final Meet The Press

Chuck Todd, the host of “Meet the Press” for almost ten years, has decided to leave the show. He announced this on a recent broadcast. But don’t worry, he’s not leaving NBC News altogether. He’s taking on a new job as the chief political analyst. In his new role, Chuck Todd will still talk about politics and help people understand what’s happening in the political world. He’ll also work on making longer stories about important political topics.

Chuck Todd said he’s proud of what he and his team achieved during his time as the host of “Meet the Press.” He loves the job of explaining America to Washington and Washington to America. Chuck Todd’s decision to step down from hosting “Meet the Press” doesn’t mean he’s leaving the world of politics and news. He’s just changing his job within NBC News.

Taking his place as the host of “Meet the Press” will be Kristen Welker, who is NBC News’ co-chief White House correspondent. She’s going to be the second woman and the first Black journalist to moderate “Meet the Press.”

“Meet the Press” is a very old and important TV show in the United States, and Chuck Todd has been a part of it during some significant political moments. He’ll continue to be a part of NBC News, sharing his knowledge and insights in a new role. So, while it’s his final episode hosting “Meet the Press,” it’s not the end of his career in political journalism.

Is Chuck Todd Retiring?

Chuck Todd is not retiring from his career in journalism. While he is stepping down from his role as the host of “Meet the Press” after nearly ten years, he is not leaving NBC News. Instead, he is taking on a new position within the network as the chief political analyst.

In his new role as the chief political analyst, Chuck Todd will continue to be a significant voice in the world of political journalism. He will offer insights and analysis on political events, help people understand complex political issues, and provide commentary during major political happenings. Additionally, he will focus on creating in-depth and detailed stories about important political topics, contributing to long-form journalism.

Chuck Todd’s decision to step down from hosting “Meet the Press” is not a retirement but rather a transition to a different role within the same field. He expressed pride in the work he and his team accomplished during his time as the host of the show and continues to be dedicated to the world of political reporting and analysis.

What Will Chuck Todd Do Next?

After stepping down from his role as host of “Meet the Press,” Chuck Todd has a clear plan for his next endeavors. While he expressed a sense of accomplishment and relief, Todd remains committed to journalism and aims to continue his mission of educating and informing the public.

One significant aspect of his future plans involves working on docuseries and docudramas. Todd sees storytelling as a powerful tool for education and intends to create compelling narratives that shed light on important topics. For example, he mentioned a project focused on tracking democracy versus authoritarianism in international elections, bringing viewers on the ground to witness these events firsthand.

Another project might delve into historical events like Reconstruction to provide a deeper understanding of their significance in today’s context. Todd is passionate about history and believes that understanding past events is crucial for comprehending current issues. He aims to combine storytelling with historical context to engage viewers and help them grasp complex topics.

Furthermore, Todd expressed a desire to explore the dynamics of the 2024 presidential election, particularly the preferences of voters who don’t support either major candidate. He wants to engage in conversations across the country to better understand this phenomenon.

Todd also highlighted the urban-rural divide in American politics as an area of interest and concern. He hopes to tackle this issue in his future work and provide insights into the growing divide that has the potential to impact the country’s democratic processes.

Overall, Chuck Todd’s next chapter will involve a mix of storytelling, historical analysis, and in-depth political exploration. He remains committed to journalism’s fundamental mission of educating and informing the public, even as he transitions to new platforms and projects.

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