Where is Sion Jenkins now? Who killed Billie Jo Jenkins?

Where is Sion Jenkins now?

Sion Jenkins, who is now 64 years old, lives in Hampshire with his current wife, Tina, and has reportedly run as a candidate for the Conservative Party in local elections. Despite being acquitted of the murder of Billie-Jo Jenkins, the former deputy headteacher remains determined to seek justice for the crime. He studied criminology at Portsmouth University in 2010, while his wife worked as a nurse at the Queen Alexandra Hospital in nearby Cosham. On the Justice for Sion Jenkins website, he stated that he will never feel a sense of resolution until Billie’s killer is identified and brought to justice. Since his release from prison, he has been reading through all the available evidence and working to re-create the events that led to Billie’s murder. Sion Jenkins has made it clear that he will not rest until the perpetrator is found and held accountable for their actions.

Who killed Billie Jo Jenkins?

Despite 25 years passing since the murder of 13-year-old Billie-Jo Jenkins, the tragic incident remains unsolved. In February 2022, a documentary titled “Who Killed Billie-Jo?” aired on Channel 5, featuring retired detective Jeremy Paine, who worked on the original investigation. Paine described the murder as a “tragic and brutal act of violence,” emphasising that Billie-Jo had her whole life ahead of her. He expressed his ongoing hope that advancements in forensic technologies may one day help solve the mystery. Billie-Jo’s case remains one of the UK’s most high-profile unsolved murders.

Did Sion Jenkins kill Billie Jo?

Billie-Jo Jenkins was found murdered at her home in Hastings, England, in 1997. Her foster father, Sion Jenkins, was initially arrested, charged with, and later convicted of her murder in 1998. However, he consistently maintained his innocence throughout the trial and subsequent appeals. In 2004, his conviction was overturned by the Court of Appeal, citing “serious doubts” about the safety of his conviction. In 2005, Sion Jenkins faced a retrial, but this time, the jury returned a not-guilty verdict, effectively clearing him of all charges. Despite the initial conviction, there has been much debate about whether Sion Jenkins actually killed Billie-Jo Jenkins. Some people believe that the evidence against him was circumstantial and weak and that there may have been alternative explanations for Billie Jo’s death. Furthermore, a number of witnesses have come forward since the trial, claiming to have seen people acting suspiciously near the Jenkins’ house on the day of the murder. However, others believe that Sion Jenkins was guilty of the crime, pointing to evidence such as the fact that he was the last person to see Billie-Jo alive and the discovery of traces of her blood on his clothing. Despite the not guilty verdict, there are still unanswered questions surrounding the case, and the person or persons responsible for Billie-Jo Jenkins’ murder have yet to be identified.

Sion Jenkins’ first wife

Following Sion Jenkins’ conviction and sentencing to life imprisonment for the murder of his foster daughter Billie-Jo in 1998, his wife Lois decided to divorce him. The trauma of the trial and the revelation of Jenkins’ alleged involvement in the murder likely took a significant toll on their relationship. After the divorce, Lois relocated to Australia, taking their two daughters, Lottie and Annie, with her. It is unclear what led her to choose Australia as her new home, but it may have been a desire to start afresh and put some distance between herself and the traumatic events of the trial. It is also possible that Lois wanted to give her daughters a fresh start in a new country where they could build a new life away from the scrutiny and media attention that surrounded their father’s trial. The move to Australia would have required significant adjustments for Lois and her daughters, but it may have been the best option for them at the time. The divorce and relocation of Lois and her daughters highlight the far-reaching consequences that Sion Jenkins’ conviction and the subsequent media attention had on his family. It is likely that they have had to endure significant emotional and psychological challenges as a result of their association with Jenkins and his alleged involvement in the murder of Billie-Jo.

Murder of Billie Jo Jenkins

Billie-Jo Jenkins was the 13-year-old foster daughter of Sion Jenkins, a former deputy headteacher from Aberystwyth, Wales. In 1997, she was found bludgeoned to death with an iron tent peg in the garden of their home. Jenkins was accused and convicted of her murder in 1998, but he was later acquitted in a retrial in 2006 due to new evidence. The case received significant media attention due to the allegations of infidelity and motive presented during Jenkins’ trial. The murder of Billie Jo Jenkins remains a tragic and unresolved case.

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