Where is Tate Martell Now? What Happened to Tate Martell? What is Tate Martell Doing Now?

Where is Tate Martell Now?

Tate Martell, the former Ohio State quarterback, has reportedly retired from football. His college football career was marked by transfers and controversies, notably leaving Ohio State when Justin Fields arrived in 2019. Martell redshirted his first year and had limited playing time in 2018, holding a record for the highest completion percentage in a game.

He later tried to find success at the University of Miami but left after two seasons. In 2021, he transferred to UNLV but only played in two games. Martell is now shifting his focus towards potential business ventures, hinting at opportunities with significant potential. While the specifics are undisclosed, it’s clear he’s moved away from college football, leaving us curious about his future in the business world.

What Happened to Tate Martell?

Tate Martell’s football journey was filled with ups and downs, culminating in his retirement from the sport. He began as a standout at Las Vegas Bishop Gorman and spent two seasons with the Ohio State Buckeyes from 2017 to 2018. During this time, he showed promise as a backup quarterback, but his career shifted when Ohio State acquired transfer quarterback Justin Fields.

This prompted Martell to transfer to the Miami Hurricanes, where he briefly played as a wide receiver and quarterback. He faced suspension and opted out of the 2020 season due to the pandemic. Martell later transferred to UNLV but struggled for playing time, with the arrival of Tennessee transfer Harrison Bailey further limiting his opportunities.


What is Tate Martell Doing Now?

Tate Martell has decided to shift his focus away from football and is now actively pursuing business ventures. The former highly sought-after quarterback, known for his time with the Ohio State Buckeyes and later the Miami Hurricanes, has officially retired from football.

During his college football career, he faced numerous transfers and position changes, ultimately leading him to take a step back from the game. Martell’s plans for business ventures have taken precedence, although specific details about his business pursuits are yet to be disclosed.

Recent rumors are that Tate Martell, the quarterback for Ohio State, has taken a step toward exploring a potential transfer opportunity. He has officially placed his name into the NCAA transfer portal, as disclosed by an anonymous source with access to the portal. This move allows other colleges and universities to initiate discussions with Martell regarding the possibility of his transfer.

Who is Tate Martell?

Tate Martell, whose full name is Tathan “Tate” Martell, is a former American football player known for his versatility on the field. He played primarily as a quarterback during his college career, representing the UNLV Rebels and Ohio State Buckeyes.

Notably, while at the University of Miami, he demonstrated his adaptability by taking on roles as both a quarterback and wide receiver. Born on January 26, 1998, Martell’s football journey was marked by various transitions and challenges, showcasing his versatility and willingness to contribute in different capacities.



Tate Martell


January 26, 1998 (age 25)


Poway, California


5 ft 11 in (1.80 m)


210 lb (95 kg)


Ohio State (2017–2018), Miami (FL) (2019–2020), UNLV (2021)

Bowl games

2017 Cotton Bowl Classic (December), 2019 Rose Bowl

High school

Bishop Gorman (Las Vegas, Nevada)

Tate Martell Age

Tate Martell, as of today, is 25 years old. He was born on January 26, 1998, in Poway, California. Martell’s age, at 25, signifies that he has already gone through a significant portion of his football career, which saw him play for Ohio State, the University of Miami, and UNLV, showcasing his versatility and adaptability on the field.

While his football journey has seen its share of transitions, his age places him in a stage of life where he may be exploring new opportunities and endeavors beyond the football field.


Tate Martell Net Worth

Tate Martell is recognized as one of the wealthier American football players in the United States, boasting a reported net worth of $5 million. This substantial net worth likely stems from his involvement in college football at prestigious institutions like Ohio State, the University of Miami, and UNLV, where football players often receive scholarships and other financial incentives.

Additionally, Martell’s financial success may also be attributed to potential endorsements or business ventures he has pursued beyond his football career.

Tate Martell Height

Tate Martell stands at a height of 5 feet 11 inches, which is approximately equivalent to 1.80 meters. His height is in line with the typical range for a football player, allowing him to have a balanced physique that suits the demands of the sport.

This height provides him with agility, speed, and the necessary physical attributes to excel in positions such as quarterback and wide receiver, which he has played during his college football career. His stature has been a key component in his versatility and adaptability on the football field, enabling him to contribute effectively in various roles.

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