Where Is Thom Brennaman Now? What Happened To Thom Brennaman? Is Thom Brennaman Still Working?

Who is Thom Brennaman?

Thomas Wade Brennaman, a passionate American television sportscaster, has left an indelible mark on the world of sports broadcasting. Born on September 12, 1963, he carries the legacy of his father, the esteemed Marty Brennaman, who captivated audiences as the radio sportscaster for the Cincinnati Reds. Embarking on his own path, Thomas became the vibrant voice of the Arizona Diamondbacks from 1998 to 2006, where his infectious enthusiasm electrified the airwaves.

The energy he brought to the game was unparalleled, elevating every play and igniting the passion of fans across the nation. In 2007, the Cincinnati Reds were fortunate enough to secure Brennaman’s services as their esteemed television voice. For over a decade, he painted vivid pictures with his words, transforming mundane moments into awe-inspiring spectacles. His fervor for the game was palpable, and his dedication to delivering a captivating broadcast was unwavering.

However, even the most brilliant careers can encounter unforeseen obstacles. In a pivotal moment that tested his character, Brennaman found himself caught on a hot mic, uttering a regrettable homophobic statement during a game broadcast. It was a moment that shook the sporting world and called for introspection. Yet, true passion lies not only in our victories but also in our ability to learn, grow, and amend our mistakes.

In the face of adversity, Brennaman exhibited remarkable humility and courage. He interrupted himself mid-sentence during an on-air apology, as if the game itself paused to witness his profound transformation. And as he called out, “a drive into deep left field by Castellanos,” the words reverberated with a newfound sincerity and commitment to change.

Brennaman’s journey did not end with the Cincinnati Reds. Despite the challenges he faced, he continued to share his love for the game as a commentator for the Roberto Clemente League, where he celebrated the rich heritage and talent of Latin American players. Additionally, his passion led him to Chatterbox Sports, where he lent his expertise and distinctive voice to captivate audiences once more.

From his humble beginnings as a young graduate of Cincinnati’s Anderson High School, Brennaman’s pursuit of greatness led him to Ohio University. There, he embraced his destiny as a broadcaster, ultimately becoming the president of the Beta Kappa chapter of Beta Theta Pi fraternity. It was during this transformative period that he discovered his profound love for radio, a medium that allowed his passion to resonate deeply with audiences.

As fate would have it, Brennaman found his way to the Cincinnati Reds, working alongside the legendary Johnny Bench. Together, they brought the exhilaration of the game to life, painting vibrant pictures with their words and leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of fans.

Where is Thom Brennaman Now?

In a remarkable turn of events on July 22, 2021, Chatterbox Sports, a renowned subscription-based streaming service specializing in high school game coverage in the Cincinnati area, welcomed Thom Brennaman as their esteemed play-by-play announcer.  This former Reds TV and Fox Sports NFL announcer, took a remarkable step forward in his broadcasting career in August 2022.

Two years after resigning from his Reds TV job following a regrettable homophobic remark during a Fox Sports Ohio Reds game telecast, Brennaman announced on Twitter that he would be hosting a new weekday show called “Off the Bench with Thom Brennaman presented by UDF.” Premiering on September 1, 2022, the two-hour show would air from 10 a.m. to noon on the Chatterbox Sports YouTube channel and various social media platforms, including Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

The inaugural episode promised an incredible lineup of guests, including his father, retired Reds radio announcer Marty Brennaman, and former NFL coach Brian Billick, Brennaman’s former partner on Fox NFL telecasts. Produced by Brandon Saho, a former WLWT-TV weekend sports anchor and reporter, and Casey McCollister, Chatterbox Sports’ director of content production, “Off the Bench with Thom Brennaman” aimed to provide in-depth discussions about the Cincinnati Bengals, the Ohio State University, and the Cincinnati Reds.

The show also boasted insights from prominent figures in the sports industry, such as NBA Hall of Famer Charles Barkley and legendary sportscaster Bob Costas. Furthermore, every Friday, Super Bowl-winning coach Brian Billick would join the show to share his NFL commentary. The announcement highlighted the show’s exciting lineup of upcoming guests, which included Broadcast Hall of Famer Marty Brennaman, NFL Hall of Famer Anthony Munoz, Bengals legend and broadcaster Cris Collinsworth, sports columnist Paul Daugherty, and Cincinnati Reds legend Tracy Jones. This star-studded roster reflected the show’s ambition to captivate sports enthusiasts and deliver captivating conversations.

Brennaman’s return to the broadcasting scene came after he resumed his play-by-play career for Chatterbox Sports a year prior, covering fall football games for the subscription-based local streaming and podcast service, which primarily focuses on Greater Cincinnati high school sports. At that time, Brennaman also hosted a podcast called “Dialed In With Thom Brennaman.”

What Happened to Thom Brennaman?

His resignation from the Reds TV job occurred on September 25, 2020, following a 13-year tenure. Brennaman’s departure came after he was suspended during the second game of a Reds-Royals doubleheader for making offensive remarks during the first game on August 19, 2020. During a broadcast from Fox Sports’ studio in downtown Cincinnati, Brennaman was caught on the MLB.TV feed using a homophobic slur while speaking to an unidentified person. Although the remark was not heard by Reds’ Fox Sports Ohio network viewers, it had a swift and significant impact.

Fox Sports dropped Brennaman from NFL telecasts after 25 years, and the following morning, Kroger removed his in-store audio announcements. The Reds organization swiftly issued a statement expressing their zero-tolerance policy for bias or discrimination and apologized to the LGBTQ+ community both locally and nationwide. In his resignation letter, Brennaman expressed gratitude to the Reds, Reds fans, and the LGBTQ+ community for their support and forgiveness.

He acknowledged the mistake he made, apologized sincerely, and expressed a desire to return to the profession he loved, vowing to be a better broadcaster and a better person. Now, with “Off the Bench with Thom Brennaman,” he sought to make a fresh start, combining his passion for sports with insightful discussions and engaging guests. As his new show took flight in September 2022, Brennaman aimed to regain the trust and admiration of fans while showcasing his growth and commitment.

Brennaman’s journey has been one of triumph and redemption. With every call, he pours his heart and soul into the game he loves, reminding us of the power of perseverance, growth, and the ability to overcome adversity. As his vibrant voice echoes through stadiums and into our homes, we are reminded of the enduring passion that fuels the spirit of sport and unites us all.

Is Thom Brennaman Still Working?

Yes, Thom Brennaman is still working. Brennaman’s remarkable talent and versatility as a sportscaster extended beyond traditional broadcasts. His captivating voice found its way into the world of video games, adding an extra layer of excitement to the gaming experience. Fans could hear his dynamic commentary in popular titles such as Microsoft Baseball 2001, All-Star Baseball 2002, and All-Star Baseball 2003–2005, available on GameCube, PlayStation 2, and Xbox platforms.

In addition to his contributions to the gaming industry, Brennaman lent his voice to college basketball announcing for esteemed networks such as CBS Radio and Fox Sports Net cable. His distinctive style and deep knowledge of the game brought an unparalleled level of excitement to the broadcasts, enhancing the viewer’s connection with the action on the court.

Brennaman’s charisma and influence also extended beyond the world of sports. He became a familiar face as the spokesperson for CBTS, a Cincinnati Bell company, featuring prominently in television commercials. This partnership showcased his ability to engage audiences beyond the realm of sports, captivating viewers with his compelling presence and innate charm.

Moreover, Brennaman made his mark in the realm of college basketball by calling games for the Cincinnati Bearcats and Fox College Hoops. With his insightful commentary and infectious enthusiasm, he elevated the viewing experience, allowing fans to immerse themselves in the excitement of collegiate basketball. Brennaman’s multifaceted career demonstrates his unparalleled ability to connect with audiences in various mediums, leaving an indelible impression on both sports enthusiasts and casual viewers alike.

Thom Brennaman Net worth

Thom Brennaman has had multiple sources of income throughout his career as a sportscaster. His primary source of income came from his roles as a television sportscaster, where he provided play-by-play commentary for various sports events. Brennaman served as the television voice of the Arizona Diamondbacks from 1998 to 2006 and later became the voice of the Cincinnati Reds from 2007 until his departure in 2020. He also had broadcasting stints with other teams and networks, including the Chicago Cubs for WGN-TV and Fox Sports’ NFL telecasts.

Name Thom Brennaman
Profession Sportscaster
Age 59
Source of Income Through his Journalism Career
Networth $3 million

Additionally, Brennaman engaged in voice-over work for video games, lending his voice to titles such as Microsoft Baseball 2001, All-Star Baseball 2002, and All-Star Baseball 2003–2005. This allowed him to expand his income streams beyond traditional broadcasting.Furthermore, Brennaman supplemented his earnings through various endorsements and spokesperson roles. Notably, he served as a spokesman for CBTS, a Cincinnati Bell company, appearing in television commercials to promote their services.

Thom Brennaman Family

On a beautiful September 12, 1963, in the enchanting town of Chapel Hill, USA, a bundle of joy named Thomas Wade Brennaman came into this world. As of 2020, he had gracefully aged to 56 years old, radiating warmth and love wherever he went. His proud parents, Marty Brennaman, a beloved former Cincinnati Reds Sportscaster, and Brenda Dickey, showered him with affection and support throughout his life.

As a young lad, Brennaman embarked on an exciting journey of education at Anderson High School in Cincinnati. The halls echoed with his laughter and dreams as he graduated in 1982, ready to take on the world. His thirst for knowledge led him to the hallowed halls of Ohio University, where he honed his skills and discovered his passion for broadcasting.

Family has always been a treasure in Brennaman’s life, and from his father’s previous marriage, he gained two extraordinary stepsiblings: Dawn Brennaman and Ashley Brennaman. Together, they formed an unbreakable bond, a testament to the power of love and connection.

In the realm of love, Brennaman found his soulmate in the enchanting Polly Brennaman. Their hearts intertwined, and they embarked on a lifelong journey filled with joy and companionship. Polly, though not involved in the journalism field, embraced her role as the heart and soul of their home. With grace and tenderness, she lovingly cared for their family, ensuring that each member felt the warmth of her love.

The union between Thom and Polly brought forth the most precious gifts: a daughter named Ella Mae Brennaman and a son named Luke Brennaman. Their laughter and innocence filled the air, reminding their parents of the beauty of life and the boundless possibilities that lay ahead.

During social events and cherished gatherings across the United States, Polly Brennaman stood by her husband’s side, radiating love and support. Their love story continued to unfold, captivating hearts wherever they went.

In the tapestry of Thom Brennaman’s life, his family played a pivotal role, weaving threads of love, support, and togetherness. Through every milestone and celebration, they remained the foundation on which his happiness was built. And as the years passed, their love only grew stronger, creating a legacy of cherished memories and unbreakable bonds.

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