Where to go glamping based on your personality

YOur daily Hot Girl Walk offers plenty of wellness perks, but there’s no denying that a stroll along the lakefront or a hike through the woods feels just a little different than walking the block. So if you feel like this walk just isn’t enough, maybe it’s time to take your relationship with nature to the next level – through glamping, of course.

Glamping offers all the mental benefits of camping and the physical benefits of breathing fresh air non-stop, but without having to sleep on the ground or learn how to pitch a tent. “They have airstreams, tents and cabins that put you in the middle of nature and allow you to get a good night’s sleep in a comfortable bed while waking up to birdsong and a soothing, natural landscape outside your window. says Taylor Micaela Davis, vice president of brand marketing at AutoCamp.

Does that sound like something you fancy? AutoCamp has luxury glamping sites in six locations in some of the country’s most iconic landscapes (plus three more on the way!), many of which are just outside national parks. “The entire AutoCamp experience is about empowering people to enjoy all that nature has to offer,” Davis says, and because each location places a strong emphasis on community, a stay at AutoCamp means you’ll meet new people Holiday friends can find you can take outdoor activities like hiking, paddling or enjoying outdoors Dinner from farm to table.

With every destination being stunningly beautiful, you’ll probably find it difficult to choose just one to visit – so we’ll help you decide which to visit based on your personality. Keep scrolling to find out where to go and pack your sneakers for your new favorite spot for a hot girl walk.

Glamping in Cape Cod
Photo: AutoCamp

Cape Cod for the busy bee

Your workdays are so busy that you don’t have time to daydream, but if you did, you’d picture yourself on a beach, away from business emails and Zoom calls. Sound familiar? Then Cape Cod is the place for you. Whether you’re eating a lobster roll, taking a bike ride on the Shining Sea Bikeway, or lounging on the beach (which is only a 10-minute walk from AutoCamp grounds), you’ll fully enjoy your time in the sun and get the most out of it all Benefits that spending time in nature can have to help the body recover from the negative effects of stress. So enjoy the change of scenery and just relax—no schedule necessary.

outside the AutoCamp Clubhouse in the Catskills
Photo: AutoCamp

The Catskills for creative people

Whether you have a knack for creating beautiful things of your own or just appreciate talent when you see it, there’s no better place to feel inspired than the breathtaking Catskills Mountains. “In true Woodstock fashion, we have a small outdoor venue where we host acoustic music sets, storytelling, and campfire talk,” says Davis. You can explore the quirky towns nearby – a veritable gold mine for thrift store finds and live theater performances – and check out the on-site AutoCamp walking tour, which will no doubt leave you wanting as soon as you return (or upon your return) to the Provide at least one naturally awesome Instagram post.

Yosemite for the adventurer

You’re not interested in a laid-back vacation – you’re looking for non-stop adventure and plenty of opportunities to meet like-minded explorers. They are part of AutoCamp’s Yosemite location. You can spend your days hiking in Yosemite National Park, whitewater rafting or a guided rock climbing experience, and meet up in the clubhouse for cornhole and fireside happy hour in the evenings.

Pool at Zion
Photo: AutoCamp

Zion for the planner

If you’re the mom to your friends group (or are a real-life mom), Zion is the amazing destination for you. Why? With the red rock scenery so beautiful and the range of activities so wide, this glamping holiday basically plans itself – so you can actually enjoy your free time instead of having to rework an itinerary. Pack the minivan and explore Zion National Park, hike to Angel’s Landing, or check out the stunning on-site pool. Added bonus? Being in nature promotes a sense of calm and raises spirits, meaning a tranquil yet adventurous vacation for the whole family.

Russian River for gourmets

If you never decide on a restaurant without checking the menu first, Russian River is the luxury glamping destination for you – because what’s a holiday without great food (and wine)? Near one of the country’s top wine regions, sip on wine tasting and relax after days exploring charming farmers’ markets, floating aimlessly on the river, and savoring delicious, fresh, farm-to-farm dining experiences table to enjoy. The icing on the cake? You wake up amongst magnificent, towering redwoods that provide the perfect backdrop for a delicious picnic.

Glamping at Joshua Tree
Photo: AutoCamp

Joshua Tree for the dreamer

How can you not be romantic when you look up at a billion twinkling stars? That’s exactly what you get every night at Joshua Tree. “Enjoying the great outdoors can be a great way to clear the mind of the mental fatigue that creeps into all walks of life,” says Davis. With that in mind, this scenic spot is the place to rejuvenate your spirit through beautiful sunrises, vintage shopping, healing ceremonies, free morning yoga, and star parties. You’re sure to have some sweet dreams as you fall asleep in your Airstream suite.

Are you ready for your own glamping adventure? Use code WG20 to get 20 percent off your entire stay at any AutoCamp location!

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