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Teams face each other today, 7th, at 11am, in a game valid for the Women’s Brasileirão

May 7
– 07:11

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São Paulo and Corinthians face each other today, the 7th, at 11 am (Brasília time), in a game valid for the first phase of the Brazilian Women’s Football Championship. The match takes place at the stadium. Marcelo Portugal Gouveain agoutiin the state of São Paulo. The teams faced each other last Wednesday for the Paulista Women’s Championship. In the game, which took place in little farmthe club led by Arthur Elias won by 2 to 1.

The São Paulo tricolor comes from two classics, a victory against Palmeiras and a defeat against Corinthians. With 15 points in the Brazilian, the team is in seventh position. Coach’s team Thiago Viana dreams of returning the result applied by the rival in the middle of the week and climbing the table to qualify for the next phase of the tournament.

See where to watch Corinthians vs São Paulo for the Brasileirão Feminino.

See where to watch Corinthians vs São Paulo for the Brasileirão Feminino.

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The Corinthians phase is great. In addition to the victory against the São Paulo rival, the alvinegra team comes from a 7-1 defeat over Cruzeiro. With 22 points, the team is ranked third in the Brasileirão and seeks to repeat the titles of past years and win the fourth national championship.


  • LOCAL: Cotia, Sao Paulo.
  • STADIUM: Marcelo Portugal Gouvea.
  • DATE: May 07, 2023.
  • TIME: 11:00 (from Brasilia).



  • SÃO PAULO: Paty; Katy, Diani, Yasmim, Tamires; Ju Ferreira, Duda Sampaio, Gabi Zanotti; Jaqueline, Gabi Portilho, Jennifer. Technician: Arthur Elias.
  • CORINTHIANS: Carlinha; Fe Palermo, Pardal, Mimi, Dani, Maressa, Vivian, Rafa Mineira; Micaelly, Naná and Ariel Godoi. Technician: Thiago Viana.


  • Referee: Fernanda dos Santos Ignacio de Souza (SP)
  • Assistant 1: Patricia Carla de Oliveira (SP)
  • Assistant 2: Izabele de Oliveira (SP)


  • 03/05 – Corinthians 2 x 1 São Paulo – Paulista Women’s Championship – First phase.

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