Who are Spanish professional rock climber Alberto Gines Lopez parents? Medals, nationality, bio

Alberto Ginés López is a Spanish professional rock climber, specializing in lead climbing and bouldering. He placed second in the 2019 Lead Climbing World Cup and won a silver medal at the 2019 Lead Climbing European Championship. Alberto Ginés López earned a spot in the challenging semifinals of the IFSC Climbing World Championships in 2023. On September 12, 2023, the qualifying round was held, and he came in ninth. On September 13, 2023, the semi finals will take place, and on September 14, 2023, the finals. Scroll down to know more details about Alberto Gines Lopez parents, biography, siblings, age, nationality, and education.

Alberto Gines Lopez biography: When and where was Alberto Gines Lopez born? Age, nationality, and education

Alberto Gines is a professional rock climber, specializing in lead climbing and bouldering. Alberto Ginés López was born on October 23, 2002 in Cáceres, Spain. He is currently 20 years old. He holds Spanish nationality.

The public is not aware of Alberto Ginés López’s educational background. He has, however, stated that he intends to study English and acquire a degree in physiotherapy. In the future, he also plans to construct a climbing school for children.

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Who are Spanish professional rock climber Alberto Gines Lopez parents? Their occupation

Alberto Gines Lopez parents: Alberto Ginés López’s parents are Juan Carlos López and Ana Belén Gómez. Juan Carlos is a bricklayer and Ana Belén is a housewife. They are both from Cáceres, Spain, where Alberto was born and raised. When Alberto was very young, his parents, who were also recreational climbers, introduced him to the activity. They brought him to some climbing walls and crags nearby, where he rapidly displayed a talent for it.

Gines Lopez with his grandfather sources Instagram

Alberto’s climbing has received a lot of encouragement from his parents. They have supported him throughout his career, helping him with his training and travel to events. They helped him become the climber he is now, and Alberto is tremendously appreciative of their assistance. Alberto is close with both of his parents and his grandparents. Particularly his grandma is a strong supporter of his climbing, and she even had Olympic rings tattooed on her body in his honor. Alberto states that his family is his greatest inspiration and is quite proud of them. He is aware that without their assistance, he would not have been as successful.

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How many times the Spanish professional rock climber Alberto Gines Lopez won medals in his career

He is the first Spanish sport climber to receive an Olympic medal. One Olympic medal, one World Cup medal, and three European Championship medals are all that Alberto Ginés Lopez has won. Men’s combined gold medalist in the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics.

Gines Lopez with his medals
Gines Lopez with his medals sources Instagram

The lead climbing competition at the 2019 Lead Climbing World Cup awarded a silver medal. Two bronze medals in the bouldering and lead climbing competitions at the 2022 European Championships, as well as a silver medal in the lead climbing competition in the 2019 Lead Climbing European Championships.

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How tall is Alberto Gines Lopez? Weight

Alberto Ginés López is 169 centimeters (5 feet 7 inches) tall and weighs 58 kilograms (128 pounds). Both his Wikipedia profile and the website of the International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) support this.

For his age and sport, his height and weight are also within the typical range. Because of his perceived lightness, he has an advantage when fast climbing. He is strong and quick, though, which enables him to perform well in lead climbing and bouldering.

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