Who built the stone road?

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The Curse of Oak Island moved back to the swamp after being kicked out last year. With the publications now letting them back in, questions about the history of the famous Steinstrasse have surfaced again.

Here’s a look at what the boys have been up to so far, and a little history of the stone lane.

Curse of Oak Island back to the swamp

Billy Gerhardt helped the guys open up the swamp for filming The Curse of Oak Island again and it’s getting exciting in this part of the island. He got permits from the Nova Scotian government to bring them back inside. Last week they immediately started digging the swamp again.

The last time the team was in the swamp, they found Mi’kmaq First Nation pottery dating back up to 2,500 years. This has prompted the Nova Scotia Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage and the Acadia First Nation Council to halt exploration of the swamp. The swamp is now open again and the team found something interesting there.

The Curse of Oak Island / YouTube

While the team searched for metal objects on this trip, they found none. However, they found something else. They found more cobblestones. This brought back talk of there being a ramp connecting a paved area to the roadway. In the end, this could mean that there is a hidden network of roads under the swamp.

This paved area was first discovered in 2017. Ian Spooner said it could be as old as 800 years. But what does this lane mean?

Who built the stone road on Oak Island?

The team continued digging the paved path in the swamp The Curse of Oak Island back in season 8. The idea is that this was once connected to a wharf in the swamp that led to the highlands. There is one thought that went as far as the Money Pit. According to the team’s theories, this was the road that helped someone unload the treasure at the wharf before transporting it to the Money Pit.

The Curse of Oak Island / YouTube

According to some this may have been a British made stone road based on all the British made items they found in the area. When it comes to the Lagina brothers, they have different opinions. Rick believes this stone road could be the key to unlocking the island’s mysteries. Marty thinks it’s important, but maybe not on Rick’s level.

The main theory about the Stone Road is that the Portuguese may have built it in the 16th century. Professional historian Terry Deveau believes it resembles the style of roads being built in Portugal at the time. There was also an aerial photo of Oak Island from the 1930s showing a stone road.

What are your theories about the stone roadway on The Curse of Oak Island? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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