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Who is Aata Sandeep?

Aata Sandeep is a multi-talented individual known for his involvement in the entertainment industry. He is a choreographer, actor, and producer who has left his mark on Telugu cinema. One of his significant achievements is his role as the CEO of Sandeep Steps Dance Academy, where he has showcased his expertise in choreography.

Sandeep has also appeared in notable movies, including “Love You Too,” “Aa Gang Repu 2: The Gang Next Day,” and “Aa Gang Repu.” His contributions to the world of dance and film have gained him recognition among audiences. In addition to his work in the film industry, Aata Sandeep participated in Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7, where he was part of the reality TV series.

His appearance on the show allowed viewers to see a different side of him, showcasing his personality and interactions with other contestants in the Bigg Boss house. Sandeep’s versatility in both dance and television has contributed to his growing presence in the entertainment world.



Aata Sandeep


Choreographer, Actor, Producer


39 years

Known For

“Love You Too”

“Aa Gang Repu 2: the gang next day”

“Aa Gang Repu” 

Notable Role

Participated in Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7


CEO of Sandeep Steps Dance Academy

Aata Sandeep Age

Aata Sandeep is currently 39 years old. He was born on June 17, 1984, in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, which is now part of Telangana. Sandeep’s zodiac sign is Gemini, and he spent his early years growing up in Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh.

Despite being relatively young, he has achieved recognition in the entertainment industry for his dancing skills and participation in various dance reality shows and programs. Sandeep’s journey in the world of dance and entertainment has been marked by his dedication and passion for the art form.


Aata Sandeep Career

Aata Sandeep’s career is a remarkable journey in the world of dance and entertainment. He began as a choreographer and dance instructor in the Telugu film industry, where his talent and passion for dance quickly gained recognition. His breakthrough moment came in 2007 when he won the inaugural season of Zee Telugu’s dance reality TV show, Aata Season 1, alongside Tina Sadhu.

This victory propelled him into the spotlight, and he went on to participate in various dance reality TV shows, showcasing his exceptional dance skills.Sandeep didn’t stop at choreography; he expanded his presence on social media platforms like TikTok and YouTube, sharing his choreography videos, food recipes, and personal life moments.

His YouTube channel, “Aata Sandeep Dance Master,” boasts over a million subscribers and earned him a Silver YouTube Play Button, he and his wife participated in the dance reality TV show IshmartJodi, further demonstrating their dancing prowess.

Notably, Sandeep and his wife emerged as winners in Star Maa’s dance reality TV show Neethone Dance. Alongside his career in the entertainment industry, he runs the Sandeep Steps Dance Academy in Hyderabad, where he imparts dance skills to students and conducts online classes for individuals in the United States. His journey reflects his dedication to dance and his ability to shine in various facets of the entertainment world.

Aata Sandeep  Height

Aata Sandeep stands at an approximate height of 5 feet and 7 inches, making him of average stature. His height, around 5’7″, is typical for many individuals and suits his career as a dancer and performer in the Telugu film industry. While not exceptionally tall, Sandeep’s talent and skills have propelled him to success, proving that height is not the only factor that determines one’s achievements in the world of entertainment.

Aata Sandeep Net Worth 

Aata Sandeep, the Indian YouTube sensation known for his channel “Aata Sandeep Dance Master,” has amassed a notable net worth estimated to be between $62,000 and $307,000. This impressive financial achievement is a result of his successful YouTube career, where he has gained substantial popularity with 1 million subscribers and over 505.8 million views across 512 uploaded videos.

While his estimated monthly earnings range approximately from $649 to $7,362, his annual income falls between $7,898 and $89,570.It’s important to understand that these net worth figures are calculated based on various factors such as monthly views, subscriber count, and user engagement, primarily using Google ads CPM as a reference point. 

Aata Sandeep Wife

Aata Sandeep’s wife is Jyoti Raj, who is also an actress and choreographer working in the Telugu film industry. The couple got married on 29 May 2013 and has a son named Lekhan Aata Sandeep together. They often collaborate on dance related projects and have participated in dance reality TV shows like “Ishmart Jodi” and “Neethone Dance,”

Where they emerged as winners in 2023. Their shared passion for dance and their professional synergy have not only strengthened their personal bond but have also contributed to their success in the entertainment industry.


Aata Sandeep Wife Children

Aata Sandeep is happily married to Jyoti Raj, who is an actress and fellow choreographer in the Telugu film industry. The couple tied the knot on May 29, 2013, and they share a wonderful bond together. They have a lovely son named Lekhan Aata Sandeep, who adds joy and happiness to their family. Aata Sandeep often shares heartwarming moments with his wife and son on his social media, giving his fans a glimpse of their beautiful family life.

In their journey together, Aata Sandeep and Jyoti Raj have not only nurtured their personal relationship but have also collaborated professionally in the field of dance and entertainment. Their shared passion for dance and their successful appearances on dance reality TV shows like “Neethone Dance,” where they emerged as winners, have further strengthened their connection both on and off the stage.

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