Who is Cindy Crawford Married to? Who is Her Husband?

Cindy Crawford 

Cindy Crawford is an American model, actress, and entrepreneur who rose to fame in the 1980s and 1990s as one of the world’s most successful supermodels. She is widely regarded as one of the most iconic models of all time, and her striking beauty and signature mole above her lip has made her an enduring symbol of fashion and beauty.

Crawford was born in DeKalb, Illinois in 1966, and was discovered as a model at the age of 16 while working at a corn detasseling job. She quickly rose to fame, appearing on the cover of Vogue magazine at the age of 20 and becoming a regular presence in high-profile fashion campaigns.

Throughout her career, Crawford has worked with some of the most renowned photographers and designers in the industry, including Richard Avedon, Herb Ritts, and Gianni Versace. She has graced the pages of countless magazines and walked the runway for top designers like Chanel, Versace, and Christian Dior.

In addition to her work as a model, Crawford has also acted in a number of films and television shows, including “Fair Game” and “The Simian Line.” She has also appeared in music videos for artists like George Michael and Taylor Swift.

Crawford has been praised not only for her stunning beauty but also for her business acumen. In 1995, she launched her own line of skincare products, Meaningful Beauty, which quickly became a best-seller. She has also been involved in a number of philanthropic endeavors, including serving as an ambassador for the Ronald McDonald House Charities and working with the Childhood Leukemia Foundation.

Despite her many accomplishments, Crawford has remained grounded and humble throughout her career. She has spoken openly about the challenges she has faced as a woman in the fashion industry, including the pressure to maintain a certain weight and the criticism she has received for aging. Despite this, she has continued to be a trailblazer and inspiration to women around the world.

Who is Cindy Crawford Married to?

Cindy Crawford, the world-renowned supermodel, and businesswoman have been married twice in her life. Her first marriage was to actor Richard Gere, and her second marriage was to businessman and former model Rande Gerber.

Crawford and Gere tied the knot in 1991 after dating for several years. The couple was one of the most talked-about in Hollywood due to their celebrity status and stunning looks. Despite the initial hype, their marriage was short-lived, and they announced their separation in 1995.

After her divorce from Gere, Crawford focused on her career and took a break from dating for a while. However, she eventually found love again with Rande Gerber, whom she had known since the mid-1990s. Gerber was also a former model and had his own successful business ventures.

Crawford and Gerber exchanged vows on May 29, 1998, in a romantic beach ceremony in the Bahamas. The couple’s wedding was a star-studded affair, with guests including the likes of Oprah Winfrey and Michael Jordan. Crawford’s dress was designed by John Galliano, and the couple’s two children, Presley and Kaia, were in attendance.

Since their wedding, Crawford and Gerber have been inseparable and have built a strong foundation for their marriage. They have been together for over two decades, which is quite an accomplishment in the entertainment industry. The couple has also worked together on various business ventures, including the launch of their own tequila brand, Casamigos, which they sold to Diageo in 2017 for $1 billion.


When did Cindy Crawford Get Married?

Cindy Crawford, one of the most recognizable faces in the modeling industry, tied the knot with businessman Rande Gerber on May 29th, 1998. The wedding, held in the picturesque beach town of Malibu, California, was a star-studded affair, attended by some of the biggest names in entertainment.

The couple first met in 1995 when they were introduced by a mutual friend at a cocktail party. They hit it off immediately and began dating shortly after. Gerber, a successful businessman and former model himself, had previously been married and had two children from his previous relationship. Crawford, who had also been previously married, had no children at the time.

The wedding ceremony took place on a sandy beach with the Pacific Ocean as the backdrop. Crawford looked stunning in a long, white, satin gown designed by John Galliano, while Gerber looked dapper in a classic black tuxedo. The couple exchanged vows under a floral archway in front of their family and friends.

The guest list included A-list celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey, Richard Gere, and Michael Jordan. The reception, held in a large white tent, featured live music from a band and a performance by Grammy-winning singer Natalie Cole.

Crawford and Gerber’s marriage has proven to be one of the most enduring relationships in Hollywood. They have two children together, a son named Presley Walker and a daughter named Kaia Jordan, both of whom have followed in their mother’s footsteps and become successful models in their own right.

Cindy Crawford Husband 

Rande Gerber is Cindy’s husband. She was born on April 27, 1962, and is a well-known American businessman and former model who has made a name for himself in various industries. He is best known for co-founding the popular tequila brand Casamigos alongside actor George Clooney and real estate businessman Mike Meldman.

Aside from Casamigos, Rande Gerber has established several successful businesses, including Midnight Oil, Caliche Rum, and Gerber Group. His portfolio consists of various nightlife industry establishments, such as restaurants, bars, and lounges worldwide. His keen eye for spotting unique opportunities and bringing them to life has made him a prominent figure in the hospitality and entertainment industries.

Rande Gerber’s entrepreneurial spirit and creativity have led to numerous successful ventures. He has developed expertise in creating memorable experiences for his clients and customers, which has helped him to stand out in the crowded hospitality market. His businesses have earned a reputation for being some of the most stylish and trendy spots in the world.

In addition to his business ventures, Rande Gerber is also known for his high-profile marriage to supermodel Cindy Crawford, with whom he has two children. Their daughter, Kaia Gerber, has followed in her mother’s footsteps and has become a successful model in her own right. The Gerber family is often seen attending high-profile events together and is known for their philanthropic work.


Does Cindy Crawford Have Kids?

Cindy Crawford, one of the world’s most iconic supermodels, is also a devoted mother of two. She and her husband, businessman Rande Gerber, have a son and a daughter together.

Their first child, a son named Presley Walker Gerber, was born on July 2, 1999. He is now a young adult and has already made a name for himself in the fashion industry, following in his mother’s footsteps. He has worked as a model for several high-profile brands and has even appeared on the cover of various magazines.

Cindy and Rande’s second child, a daughter named Kaia Jordan Gerber, was born on September 3, 2001. Like her brother, Kaia has also pursued modeling and has quickly become a rising star in the fashion world. She has worked with several renowned fashion designers and brands and has graced the covers of major fashion magazines.

Despite their busy careers, Cindy and Rande have always made it a priority to be present in their children’s lives. The couple frequently shares photos and posts on social media, showcasing their family’s strong bond and love for each other.

In addition to raising their two children, Cindy and Rande have also been involved in various philanthropic efforts. They co-founded the Casamigos Tequila company with their friend, actor George Clooney, and have used the company’s success to support various charitable causes.


How Old is Cindy Crawford Now?

Cindy Crawford is 57 years old now. Cindy Crawford, a renowned supermodel, and actress have not only made her mark in the fashion industry but has also made significant contributions to philanthropic causes. One cause that is especially close to her heart is childhood leukemia, a disease that claimed the life of her younger brother Jeff when she was just ten years old.

Despite the tragedy, Jeff remains a profound influence on Crawford’s life. In interviews, she has spoken about her admiration for her younger brother, describing him as a sensitive and kind child who loved animals and always had a smile on his face. She credits him with teaching her valuable lessons about life and love, and his memory continues to inspire her philanthropic work.

As a model, Crawford has used her platform to raise awareness and funds for childhood leukemia research. She has donated proceeds from her calendars to medical research and has been a longtime supporter of the pediatric oncology program at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, where Jeff received treatment. She believes that the care he received was exceptional and has been committed to helping other families affected by the disease.

In addition to her work with childhood leukemia, Crawford is also an honorary board member of the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation. Multiple myeloma is a type of cancer that affects plasma cells in the bone marrow, and Crawford has been involved in fundraising and advocacy efforts to support research into the disease.

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