Who is Eric Smith Engaged To? Is He Married?

Who is Eric Smith? 

Eric M. Smith, born on January 22, 1980, is an American individual who gained notoriety for committing a horrific crime at a young age. At the age of thirteen, on August 2, 1993, Smith tortured and murdered four-year-old Derrick Joseph Robie in Steuben County, New York.

The tragic incident shocked the community and garnered widespread media attention due to the brutal nature of the crime. Following an investigation, Smith was arrested and subsequently charged with second-degree murder. In 1994, Smith stood trial and was found guilty of the charges against him. Due to being a juvenile offender, he received the maximum available sentence for such cases at the time: nine years to life in prison.

Smith spent the following 27 years incarcerated, during which time he underwent various legal processes and hearings. After serving his sentence, he became eligible for parole. In October 2021, Smith was granted parole, and he was officially released from prison in February 2022. It is important to note that the release of Eric M. Smith has been a subject of controversy and debate.

The nature of his crime, his age at the time of the offense, and the subsequent length of his imprisonment have sparked discussions about juvenile justice and the potential for rehabilitation. This tragic case serves as a reminder of the complexities surrounding criminal justice, the impact of crimes on victims’ families, and the challenges faced when addressing crimes committed by minors.

Who is Eric Smith Engaged to?

Eric Smith’s fiancée, Margaret C. Houck, is reported to have been a law student whom he met while serving his sentence in prison. Their relationship began two years prior to Smith’s parole hearing, as he revealed their engagement during that hearing in 2021. It is unclear whether Houck has completed her law studies and become a qualified lawyer at this time.

During Smith’s incarceration, Houck played an active role in his life, frequently visiting him to discuss his case and conduct research on the juvenile justice system. The extent of their involvement and the specific contributions Houck made to Smith’s rehabilitation is not extensively documented.

While information about their relationship is limited, it is uncertain when Smith and Houck plan to marry or what their future holds. Their engagement and the support provided by Houck during Smith’s time in prison appear to have played a significant role in his personal development and potential for rehabilitation.

Eric Smith Wife

During Eric Smith’s parole hearing in October 2021, he disclosed to the parole board members that he had been engaged for almost two years. The topic of his engagement arose when discussing his plans for living arrangements upon his release from prison. Smith mentioned the possibility of staying with his mother until he could secure his own apartment or until his fiancée could join him.

The specific location where Smith intends to reside after his release was not explicitly mentioned during the hearing. It remains uncertain whether his mother, Tammy Smith, still resides in Steuben County, the same location where the crime took place. Smith stated that he got engaged in December 2019, but he had known his fiancée for at least two years prior to that.

He revealed that his fiancée was studying to become a lawyer and had initially contacted him to inquire about the juvenile justice system. She was conducting research to compare the juvenile justice systems between North and South America.

While further details about Smith’s engagement and his future plans with his fiancée are not available, his disclosure during the parole hearing suggests that their relationship and the support they provided each other played a significant role in Smith’s life during his incarceration.

Smith said “She kept saying, ‘I love you, talk to me’,” but Smith said he was scared that she would leave if he opened up to her. “I literally went to God in prayer and said, Lord, you brought her into my life so if you brought her there you’ve already seen this conversation happening, so just give me the grace to tell her.”

The conversation went well, Smith said. “When I told her she actually opened up and told me about some of her own and it was able to help me understand the shame, the guilt, and the level of personal angst.” The transcript doesn’t specify what Smith means by “some of her own”.

Eric Smith Biography



Name Eric M. Smith
Age 43 years as of 2023
Birth Date January 22, 1980
Nationality American

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