Who is Inna Vernikov? Councilwoman Gets Kissed By Stranger Video Goes Viral on Internet






Recently, a video was shared on the internet that went viral in a short time period and become a topic of discussion. It is said that this viral video featured Inna Vernikov and this video is currently circulating on various social media pages. After coming out of this viral video, lots of netizens and people are showing their curiosity about this hot topic. Many are raising multiple questions related to this viral video and hitting the search engine to know more about herself, so we made an article and share the whole information related to her and this viral video.Let us first know about herself in this paragraph. Inna Vernikov was born on 30 August 1984 in Chernivst, Soviet Union which is now known as Ukraine. She is an American attorney and politician serving as a member of the New York City Council for the 48th District. She finished her education at Baruch College and received a degree of Bachelor in Arts. She is one of the Republican Party and most popular as an American Politician. Now, she is getting popularity after coming of her video and this video is crossing a large number of views on the internet where many are sharing their response to this viral video.Who is Inna Vernikov?As per the sources, a councilwoman gets kissed by a stranger in her line of duty and this activity is captured on camera. The video of this incident goes viral, and there has been a lot of talk about the act since then. In this viral video, a man walked by the New York City councilwoman as she was doing a TV interview and kissed her on the cheek. She yelled out on this activity and said “What the F*** was that?!” She was in an interview on Thursday by CBS New York and this interview happened in Brighton Beach located in Brooklyn. She also seems as flinching in terror as a passerby kissed her cheek before laughing and walking away.This video is gathered so much attention and lots of people are showing their interest in this viral video. This video is available to watch on Twitter and many other social media platforms. Many people shared their reactions to this viral video by commenting and responding on social media. Some are making fun of this incident while some are saying it is wrong. It is also shared that there is an investigation is also ongoing related to this video and this incident but not much information has been shared yet.

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