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Gisele Bundchen Has been linked to several men following her divorce from Tom Brady back In October, With The latest being Jeffrey Soffer, a billionaire who Is friends With The retired NFL quarterback.

Soffer, 55, was married to Australian supermodel Elle MacPherson for four years before splitting up In 2017.

He lives In The same neighborhood as Bundchen and The pair reportedly meet In secret about once a week for The past few months, according to The Daily Mail.

Brady, 45, was spotted hanging out With Soffer In January, who Has been His friend for years now.

Bundchen, 42, recently shared a Post on Instagram to seemingly deny The rumors of her new relationship With Soffer.

Who Is Jeffrey Soffer?

Jeffrey, currently worth an estimated $2.2 billion, Is The son of real estate mogul and billionaire Donald Soffer, who made most of His fortune In developing The city of Aventura, Florida

He and His sister Jackie run Turnberry Associates, a real estate company Which Has developed over $10 billion In luxury resorts, hotels, high-end shopping and other properties.

One of Jeffrey’s properties Is The iconic Fountainebleu Hotel In Miami, a hot spot for A-list celebrities. He was linked to Gwyneth Paltrow towards The end of her marriage With Chris Martin, setting a previous for The current rumors.

Jeffrey also survived a helicopter crash In The Bahamas In 2012 that Killed His best friend Lance Valdez. A judge threw out The wrongful death suit filed by The deceased man’s wife, Which claimed Soffer was illegally at The controls of The aircraft.

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