Who is Jordan Poole dating? Meet Jordan Pooles Girlfriend

Who is Jordan Poole?

Jordan Anthony Poole was born on June 19, 1999, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This US-based Jordan is a professional Basketball player, He belongs to the Golden Warriors team based in San Francisco. This team of basket players were said to compete in National Basketball Association (NBA).


Jordan’s parents are Monet and Anthony Poole. He has an elder sister and one younger sister. His elder sister also attended the Marquette. Jordan completed his schooling at Rufus King High School, Milwaukee.  Poole visited Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana, as a great player. He was too good and was selected at the college level to go play in other places. Then he focussed well on playing the game. He got many offers to compete in different places. He even got the chance to go and play between, Wolverines and BYU, in a rivalry game against Michigan State.

And do his college-wise preparation at La Lumiere School to get a proper college environment, study there, and get trained well in the game. He wanted to get a good playing experience where he can play for an ESPN broadcast. Poole was the 90th-ranked player overall as he signed his National Letter of Intent to play college basketball at Michigan on November 11, 2016, joining Isaiah Livers and Eli Brooks in a three-scholarship freshmen class. Poole was a member of the La Lumiere squad that took the 2017 Dick’s National High School Cup contest for the Dick’s National Championship.

Who is Jordan Poole dating?

We all know Jordan is not a non-celebrity face. Jordan Anthony Poole is a famous Basketball player from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He has great recognition for the games he plays and is known to everyone. He has competed with many players across different colleges, and competitions. Now the player is in the headlines for not his playing ability, but his personal love life. Now everyone wants to know who Jordan is dating. There are rumors all over that the player is dating IceSpice.The Buttcrack page from Twitter was first known to tweet this news about Jordan dating someone. This brought must surely bring an exciting or surprising reaction among many people. Later a tweet came out that Ice Spice was seen with Jordan Poole before few nights. It is said that Ice Spice had come to watch one of the games of Jordan Poole at Warriors. She is said to have come to support him and cheer him up.

Ice Spice had worn a  shirt on that night, where the shirt read “Hottest team in the NBA”.The tweet added that if Ice Spice comes to watch Jordan’s matches then he would play better or even get distracted seeing her which was written funnily.But Ice Spice has dated many persons in the past and recently Jordan Poole. Even though many reports claim to tell they both are dating, we have not got a clear confirmation from each of them separately. 

Ice Spice coming to see the Basketball match can also be a coincidence or she was actually there to support Jordan, and his team is not known correctly yet. Ice Spice dated a person named Pete Davidson until a week before, she got involved in rumors with Jordan Poole. They both are still on the rumor side of dating, and many are writing stories that they know. Let’s wait and see until we get an official confirmation from the stars Jordan Poole and Ice Spice officially and wish them good luck.

Is Jordan Poole dating Ice Spice?

No Jordan Poole is not dating Ice Spice as of now. It is only the rumors being spread across different platforms. They both have not said anything openly or posted something on their social media about them being together. These two also did not reply or object to the rumors being spread everywhere. They are still keeping everyone clueless or maintaining something private is only known to them.

Is Jordan Poole dating Kim Cruz?

Jordan Poole, the young basketball player has always been on news, related to his career, or another thing for dating someone.

He came in news for dating a girl Kim Cruz. Let us know if he dated or still dating Kim Cruz from the reading below.

Kim Cruz is a young blogger from the Philippines, who constantly posts. She has worked hard to gain her place. Later she started her career as a TV host. As she wanted to share her work with other people she uses social media medium. 

So the two of them were rumored to have dated, and it all started when the star wore Jordan’s shirt. But they tried maintaining it private. Even their being in a relationship is considered a rumor.

Jordan Poole’s dating history

This famous basketball player is a great dating person when it comes to relationships. Even though he is dating many people, he is not in a mind finalizing only one who he could marry. The question about this remains unanswered. 

Recently he is said to have dated a famous TV personality, Malika Andrews. But whether he is in it or not is known completely. 

The next rumored girlfriend is said to be Kim Cruz, as she was seen wearing his Shirt.

Next on the list is Ice spice to be his recent dating partner. After she was seen in the game of basketball, she came to cheer their team.

Is Jordan Poole Mexican

Jordan is born to an American couple. They might have Mexican ancestry. So he is not completely said to be a Mexican. His parents are previous athletes Monet Poole and Anthony Poole. He got the training from his father.

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