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Former Playboy model Karen McDougal revealed intimate details about her “loving” relationship with former President Trump on Friday while announcing his stunning choice for president in 2024. “I hope DeSantis gets in. I would be willing to work for his campaign.” the 52-year-old told the Daily Mail.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is expected to announce his own widely anticipated run for the White House next week. McDougal, one of the women at the center of Trump’s “hush money” charges in Manhattan, is a lifelong Republican who voted for him in 2016.

Ex-Playmate Karen McDougal Details ‘Love’ Affair with Trump

“He can be rude and vulgar, but when he has his kind moments, it’s lovely to see him because he shows there’s still a human there,” she explained. “He needs to have more compassion for people in general, much more.” McDougal described a sweet 10-month relationship with the then-married reality star that she began in 2006.

“She was in love with him. He was in love with me. I know because she told me all the time,” the actress told the Mail. “He was like, ‘You’re my baby and I love you.’ He showed me his friends. Unlike alleged hush money recipient Stormy Daniels, who called the sex with Trump, now 76, “the worst 90 seconds of my life,” McDougal harbors no ill will toward the man who would become the 45th president, noting that he is never denied his affair.

“His people have denied it, but he has never denied it,” she said. “A reporter asked him, ‘Did you have an affair with Karen McDougal?’ And all he said was, ‘I haven’t done anything wrong.’

“He knows I’m telling the truth.”

Diving with Donald

McDougal first met Trump at a June 2006 Playboy Mansion pool party that Hugh Hefner hosted for contestants on Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice.” Trump, who had recently welcomed his youngest son Barron with his new wife Melania, quickly fell for the swimsuit model, she said.

“He followed me around like a puppy, trying to get my attention. He took me so badly that Bunny Mother was like, ‘Wow, he really has feelings for you.’” McDougal recalled Trump issuing a directive to his bodyguard, Keith Schiller: “Keith, get his number.”

The real estate mogul turned TV star called her a few days later and asked her to have dinner at his Beverly Hills Hotel bungalow, where she told the Mail they had sex for the first time after room service delivered steak and mashed potatoes. .

“After dinner, things heated up and Trump made his move. I was attracted to him, but it wasn’t like I was looking to jump into bed with Donald Trump, especially on the first night,” McDougal said. She revealed that Trump “offered her money” afterward.

Karen McDougal
Karen McDougal

“He was dressed and ready to go, and I saw this stack of cash in his hand. I told her, ‘I’m not that kind of girl,’ McDougal said. “I knew he had made a mistake when he saw how upset he was. He told me that I was really special”. However, he “cried all the way home” in the car with Schiller and thought he would never see the eventual president again.

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“But we got through it,” he shared. “I got another call asking me to dinner, and I don’t know why, but I said yes.” She went on a 10-month affair, seeing each other about five or more times a month, McDougal said, adding that she now feels “ashamed.”

“I knew he was married, but at the time he was out of sight, out of mind. So I was a different girl, I had fun and I didn’t think too much about things, ”she confessed.

‘I finished it

Despite portraying her as an embittered ex-lover in the media, the former Playmate said she eventually left Trump after striking up an affair with “Die Hard” star Bruce Willis. “I am portrayed as the disgruntled woman, but I am not that woman. I finished it,” she said.

She said she was considering breaking up with Trump when “a family member came to town and we went to a bar and I met a lovely man named Bruce,” she said. “I wasn’t fooling Trump, but Bruce and I were already talking a lot on the phone, so it was easier to end it. Why would I stay with a married man when Bruce was a nice guy and single? She explained.

In the months leading up to the 2016 election, she said she agreed to receive a $150,000 “catch and kill” fee in exchange for not going public with her affair story.

“That suited me because I really didn’t want the story to get out. I thought my contract was for work and that it was a win-win situation. I didn’t know the term catch and kill at the time. I was a pawn in that scenario because of all the things I wasn’t aware of,” she said.

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