Who is Lavon Lewis? Biography, Age, Family, and Girlfriend

Who is Lavon Lewis?

Lavon Lewis is a seasoned professional with a wealth of experience in branding and marketing. As the founder, president, and creative director of Branding and Marketing, he has been involved in close to 2,000 projects, spanning the entire branding lifecycle from ideation to execution. One of Lewis’s latest contributions to the business world is his book, Today is a Great Day for a WOW Image. This book is an invaluable resource for established and aspiring professionals in the field, providing insights and tips on how to create impactful visual branding elements.

Among his impressive portfolio, Lewis also served as the creative director and brand consultant for the Panasonic North America logo between February 2015 and August 2017. His expertise in branding and marketing is not limited to the consumer market. He has also worked extensively on B2B projects across the United States, providing consulting and design services for site design, logo design, kiosk design, presentation design, and experiential design. In these projects, Lewis has demonstrated his ability to create compelling branding strategies that resonate with business audiences and drive results.

Lavon Lewis Biography

Lewis’s successful career as a creative director and author is a testament to his talent and hard work. Before embarking on his television journey, Lavon Lewis had years of experience as a creative director. In addition to his work in the branding and marketing industry, Lewis is also an accomplished public speaker and author, having published a book titled “Today is a Great Day for a Wow Image!” He has amassed a net worth of $1 million through his various business ventures. A summary of his biography is presented in the table below.

Specifications Details
Name Lavon Lewis
Date of birth N/A
Age 42 years old
Profession Entrepreneur
Parents N/A
Marital Status Engaged
Girlfriend name Evelyn Lozada
Children One

Lavon Lewis Age

As of 2023, Lavon Lewis, the founder and president of Branding and Marketing, is reported to be 42 years old. He has achieved significant recognition for his work and was voted as one of Atlanta’s top 25 rising professionals. Throughout his career, Lewis has earned more than 50 professional marketing awards, highlighting his exceptional talent and dedication to his craft. He holds a bachelor’s degree in graphic design from Alabama Rural and Mechanical College and a master’s degree from the College of North Alabama.

His numerous awards and accolades demonstrate his commitment to excellence and his ability to stand out in a highly competitive industry. As a rising professional in Atlanta, Lewis has proven to be an asset to the marketing and branding industry, and his continued success is a testament to his talent and hard work.

Lavon Lewis Family and Girlfriend

Lavon Lewis is a public figure who values his privacy, unlike many other celebrities who constantly share their personal lives with the media. As a result, there is very limited information available regarding his family. However, Lewis is active on social networking sites, such as Instagram, where he has occasionally shared information about his son’s birthday, which falls on March 2. Recently, Lewis made headlines after proposing to reality TV actress Evelyn Lozada, whom he met on the Will Packer-produced program Sovereigns Court. The couple made their engagement public in December 2022, and Lewis was by Lozada’s side at the Atlanta premiere of her show.

Aside from his personal life, Lewis is a highly successful entrepreneur, with his company, Interface Marking and Marketing, generating an annual income of $18 million, according to ZoomInfo. The company focuses on developing branding strategies that help clients stand out in their respective markets. Despite the limited information available about Lewis’ family, he and Lozada’s engagement has garnered significant attention in the media. It is clear that Lewis values his privacy, and any further details he chooses to share about his personal life will be included here.

Where is Lavon Lewis Now?

Lavon Lewis is a well-known personality who currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States. According to his LinkedIn profile, he is a multi-talented professional who has hosted and headlined over 500 conferences, seminars, and workshops, making him one of the most sought-after public speakers. Throughout his career, Lewis has worked with high-profile brands such as Emmy, Amazon, Panasonic, AT&T, The Home Depot, NCR, and McDonald’s, as evidenced by his LinkedIn profile. Despite his impressive professional accomplishments, Lewis is also a growing entrepreneur who manages to balance his personal and professional lives.

Lewis’s ability to maintain a healthy work-life balance is admirable, as it is often difficult for entrepreneurs to balance their personal and professional lives effectively. He is a great example for aspiring entrepreneurs who wish to succeed in both their personal and professional lives. Overall, Lavon Lewis is a multi-talented professional who has achieved great success in his career, and he continues to inspire others through his work as a public speaker and entrepreneur. His dedication to achieving a healthy work-life balance is a testament to his resilience and determination, making him a role model for many.

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