Who is Natasha Stoynoff? Her Accusation Against Donald Trump

Who is Natasha Stoynoff?

The inclusion of Natasha Stoynoff’s testimony in the civil rape trial against Donald Trump, which began on April 25 in a federal court in New York City, could be significant. Almost two decades ago, Stoynoff alleged that Trump had forcefully kissed her during a visit to Mar-a-Lago while she was there to write a wedding anniversary story about him and Melania Knauss.

On May 9, the jury in the civil case found Trump liable for abusing E Jean Carroll, the plaintiff in the trial, but not for rape. Stoynoff testified in the Manhattan courthouse on May 3. Despite the efforts of the Trump legal team, they were unable to prevent Stoynoff’s testimony from being included in the trial. Currently, she is focused on writing books and screenplays, as mentioned in her bio on Goodreads.

How Old is Natasha Stoynoff?

She is currently 22 years old. During the civil rape trial against Donald Trump, Natasha Stoynoff, a former People magazine journalist, testified about her alleged encounter with Trump at Mar-a-Lago. Stoynoff stated that while she was there to interview Trump and his wife Melania in 2005, Trump pushed her against a wall, forcibly kissed her, and made inappropriate remarks.

The incident lasted a few minutes before a butler entered the room, at which point Stoynoff indicated she wanted to leave. She testified that Trump later made a comment about having an affair with her. Stoynoff described feeling shocked and unable to respond at the time. Despite the incident, she continued with the interviews, trying to act as though nothing had happened. Her emotional testimony recounted these details during the trial.

Natasha Stoynoff Biography

Natasha Stoynoff is a Canadian-American journalist and author. She was born on November 14, 1965, in Toronto, Canada. Stoynoff began her career in journalism as a reporter and photographer for The Toronto Star and later worked as a columnist for The Toronto Sun. She also freelanced for publications such as Time Magazine before joining People magazine.

Stoynoff worked at People magazine for nearly 20 years, where she covered a wide range of topics including celebrities, human interest stories, and lifestyle features. She gained recognition for her interviews and profiles of various notable figures.

In 2016, Stoynoff came forward with allegations against Donald Trump, which she claimed occurred in 2005 during an interview assignment at Mar-a-Lago. Her story attracted significant media attention and became part of the broader conversation surrounding Trump’s treatment of women.

After leaving People magazine, Stoynoff turned her focus to writing books and screenplays. She has authored several works, including the memoir “All the President’s Women: Donald Trump and the Making of a Predator” (co-written with Barry Levine) and the novel “In Their Shoes.”

Stoynoff’s experiences and insights as a journalist have provided her with a unique perspective on the entertainment industry and the impact of powerful individuals. She continues to write and speak out on issues related to women’s rights, sexual assault, and the importance of holding those in positions of power accountable.

Natasha Stoynoff Net Worth

Natasha Stoynoff’s net worth is reported to be over 4 million USD. In October 2019, Natasha Stoynoff expressed her realization that supporters of Donald Trump, despite being aware of the accusations made by women against him, chose not to believe or care about them. She noted that even after her own story was published and the #MeToo movement gained momentum, there was a lack of accountability for Trump.

However, now her testimony regarding the incident in Florida in 2005 has become a significant part of what legal expert Harry Litman referred to as “Trump’s biggest date yet with accountability.” Litman predicted that the ongoing civil rape trial involving E Jean Carroll would have serious implications for Trump, potentially exposing him as a liar, bully. This trial represents a critical moment for holding Trump accountable.

Natasha Stoynoff Height

Natasha Stoynoff, a journalist known for her height and strength, standing at 5 foot 11, experienced a significant event on December 27, 2005, at approximately 2:30 p.m. 

Natasha Stoynoff, a former crime reporter, never anticipated that her life would be the basis for a musical, especially under such circumstances. In 2016, during the US presidential election, Stoynoff joined over a dozen women who publicly accused Donald Trump. She likened her experience to those of other women whose identities were reduced to mere victims in the public eye.

Now, Stoynoff is reclaiming her humanity by co-writing a play that depicts her encounter with Trump, including the moment when he allegedly forced his tongue down her throat. The play, part of The Pussy Grabber Plays series, aims to humanize the women who came forward with allegations against Trump. Each play in the series focuses on a different woman, exploring their background and bringing their stories to life.

The project was conceived by playwright Sharyn Rothstein and theater agent Kate Pines, who sought to transform their post-election emotions of shock, anger, and grief into tangible social change. They recognized that despite the progress made by the #MeToo movement, Trump’s accusers were still being reduced to soundbites, images on screens, or mere names. The plays aim to give voice and depth to these women’s stories.

The series draws inspiration from seven women who reported allegations against Trump, including Karina Virginia and Jessica Leeds. Each play delves into various aspects of the women’s experiences, such as difficulties in discussing the incidents with the family, questions about victimhood and power dynamics, and the impact on their personal growth. The plays shed light on the broader implications of these stories beyond Trump himself.

Stoynoff’s play, co-written with Melissa Li, retells her original experience at Mar-a-Lago, while other plays explore the perspectives of women who have not yet come forward. The series also touches on the media’s treatment of Trump’s accusers, as exemplified by an interview with Megyn Kelly that left Leeds feeling uncomfortable.Notably, other women who have accused prominent figures, such as Sarah Tither-Kaplan and Sarah Ann Masse, have also turned their experiences into art forms to raise awareness and effect change.

Kate Pines, one of the project’s creators, has a personal connection to Trump as the daughter of Tony Schwartz, who faced legal threats from Trump after candidly discussing his role in ghostwriting Trump’s book. Inspired by her father’s courage, Pines seeks to speak truth to power through this project and draw inspiration from the brave women who shared their stories.

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