Who is Shania Twain married to? Meet her Husband and Children

Who is Shania Twain?

Shania Twain is a Canadian singer-songwriter and actress, born Eilleen Regina Edwards on August 28, 1965. She has sold over 100 million records, making her the best-selling female artist in country music history and one of the best-selling music artists of all time. She has been referred to as the “Queen of Country Pop,” and Billboard named her as the leader of the ’90s country-pop crossover stars.

Twain grew up in Timmins, Ontario, where she pursued singing and songwriting from a young age. She signed with Mercury Nashville Records in the early 1990s, but her self-titled debut studio album in 1993 was a commercial failure. It wasn’t until she collaborated with producer and later husband Robert John “Mutt” Lange that she rose to fame with her second studio album, The Woman in Me (1995), which sold over 20 million copies worldwide and earned her a Grammy Award.

Her third studio album, Come On Over (1997), became the best-selling studio album by a female act in any genre and the best-selling country album of all time, selling over 40 million copies worldwide. It produced twelve singles, including “You’re Still the One,” “From This Moment On,” “That Don’t Impress Me Much,” and “Man! I Feel Like a Woman!”, and earned Twain four Grammy Awards. Her fourth studio album, Up! (2002), sold over 20 million copies worldwide and also earned a Diamond certification in the United States. It spawned eight singles, including “I’m Gonna Getcha Good!”, “Ka-Ching!”, and “Forever and for Always”.

Who is Shania Twain married to?

Shania Twain and Frédéric Thiébaud have a love story that has been both unconventional and enduring. The couple first met back in the ’90s when Thiébaud was married to Marie-Anne, a close friend of Twain’s. At the time, Twain was married to her former producer, Robert “Mutt” Lange. However, things took a dramatic turn when Lange allegedly had an affair with Marie-Anne, leading to the breakdown of both couples’ marriages.

After the affair was revealed, Twain and Thiébaud found solace in each other and formed a deep friendship that eventually blossomed into romance. Thiébaud’s unwavering support and loyalty during this difficult time made Twain fall in love with him. In 2009, the couple officially started dating and a year later, they got engaged.

On New Year’s Day 2011, Twain and Thiébaud exchanged vows in a small and intimate sunset ceremony in Rincon, Puerto Rico. Despite the unconventional way their relationship began, their love has proven to be enduring, with the couple celebrating over a decade of marriage.

Their relationship has also been a lesson in forgiveness, as they have both moved past the hurt caused by their previous marriages and found happiness with each other. Today, Twain and Thiébaud continue to support each other and their love story serves as a reminder that sometimes, unexpected situations can lead to the greatest love stories.

Shania Twain Husband

Frédéric Thiébaud is a Swiss-born businessman who is best known for his relationship with Canadian country music superstar, Shania Twain. Born in Switzerland, Thiébaud spent most of his adult life working in the hospitality industry, eventually becoming a highly successful executive at Nestlé.

However, it was his personal life that made Thiébaud a household name, especially in the world of celebrity gossip. Thiébaud first made headlines when it was revealed that he was the ex-husband of Marie-Anne Thiébaud, a close friend of Shania Twain’s. The two couples were close and often spent time together, but their lives were turned upside down when it was discovered that Marie-Anne had an affair with Twain’s then-husband, Robert “Mutt” Lange.

Despite the betrayal and heartbreak, Thiébaud and Twain found solace in each other and formed a close friendship. Eventually, their friendship turned into a romance and they began dating in 2009. A year later, they got engaged and married on New Year’s Day in 2011 in a small ceremony in Puerto Rico.

Since then, Thiébaud has remained relatively private, preferring to stay out of the limelight and focus on his career and personal life. He has been a steady presence in Twain’s life, supporting her in both her personal and professional endeavors. In interviews, Twain has spoken fondly of Thiébaud, describing him as her “rock” and “best friend”.

While Thiébaud may have initially gained notoriety due to his personal life, he has proven to be a successful and accomplished businessman in his own right. Today, he continues to maintain a low profile and is often seen supporting Twain from the sidelines, content to let her shine in the spotlight.

Shania Twain Children

Shania Twain has only one son named Eja. 

Shania Twain and her first husband, music producer Robert “Mutt” Lange, got married in 1993 and welcomed their son Eja in 2001. In a 2007 interview with People, Shania expressed her desire to give Eja a well-rounded upbringing without depriving him of anything. She mentioned that gaining appreciation is difficult when one doesn’t come from struggle. However, unfortunately, Shania and Robert divorced in 2010. Shania has since remarried Frédéric Thiébaud in 2011, and they have been together ever since.

Eja has taken an interest in music, following in both of his parents’ footsteps. He has showcased his remixing skills on Soundcloud with takes on classics such as “Because” by The Beatles. However, he hasn’t released any new music recently.

Regarding her relationship with Robert, Shania has revealed in a recent Armchair Expert podcast interview that they don’t communicate much except when discussing their son. Shania explained how they co-parent Eja after their separation.

How old is Shania Twain?

Shania Twain is a timeless icon who has transcended generations with her music and artistry. At 57 years old, she continues to inspire and captivate audiences with her talent and beauty. Her age is not a limitation but a testament to the incredible journey she has had and the wisdom she has gained throughout her life. Shania’s music and career are a testament to the fact that age is just a number and that anything is possible with hard work, dedication, and a passion for what you do. As she continues to defy expectations and push boundaries, Shania Twain is a shining example of what it means to live life to the fullest and pursue your dreams at any age.

How tall is Shania Twain?

Shania Twain is proof that greatness comes in all shapes and sizes. Standing at 1.63 meters tall, she may be petite, but she is mighty in talent and spirit. Shania’s height is just a number, and it has never hindered her from achieving her dreams and inspiring millions around the world. Her music and success are a testament to the fact that size does not determine one’s ability to reach the stars. Shania Twain is a reminder that we should never let our physical attributes hold us back from pursuing our passions and goals. With perseverance, hard work, and a positive attitude, we too can reach great heights, no matter our height. So let Shania’s stature be a motivational reminder that we should never let our size limit our dreams and aspirations.

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