Who is Steven Crowder Married to? Why is He Getting Divorced?

Who is Steven Crowder?

Steven Blake Crowder is a well-known American-Canadian conservative political commentator, media host, and comedian, born on July 7, 1987. Crowder started his career by working for Fox News and creating satirical videos that were posted on various conservative media platforms.

Later on, he launched his own political podcast and YouTube channel called Louder with Crowder, which focuses on conservative commentary and comedic content. The show features a segment called “Change My Mind,” where Crowder engages in conversations with passers-by.

In December 2012, Crowder and some members of Americans for Prosperity were involved in an altercation during a demonstration in Michigan over the state’s recently passed right-to-work law. Crowder’s YouTube channel has been demonetized twice, once in 2019 due to his repeated use of racist and homophobic slurs.

However, his channel was later re-monetized after he addressed his behavior and content. But it was demonetized again in March 2021 and had its uploads suspended for a week after Crowder violated YouTube’s policy on presidential election integrity by advancing false claims about the election’s integrity.

In October 2022, YouTube suspended the channel for two weeks for violating its policy on harassment, threats, and cyberbullying. Despite these setbacks, Crowder’s channel had over 5.94 million subscribers as of January 2023. On March 3, 2023, Crowder announced on Russell Brand’s show that he would be moving his show to Rumble. 

Who is Steven Crowder married to?

Steven Crowder was previously married to his ex-wife Hilary, whom he married in August 2012. Before getting married, Crowder wrote about the benefits of abstinence. In August 2021, while he was still recovering from surgery, Hilary gave birth to twins, a son, and a daughter.

However, in April 2023, Crowder announced on his YouTube channel that his wife had filed for divorce in 2021, which came as a surprise to many of his fans and followers. Despite this, Crowder continues to create content for his channel, and his personal life remains a private matter.

Steven Crowder Wife

Steven Crowder’s ex-wife’s name is Hilary. They got married in August 2012, and Crowder wrote about the benefits of abstinence before getting married. In August 2021, while he was still recovering from surgery, Hilary gave birth to twins, a son, and a daughter.

However, in April 2023, Crowder announced on his YouTube channel that his wife had filed for divorce in 2021. Further details about Hilary, including her occupation and personal life, are not publicly known, as she has maintained a low profile and prefers to keep her personal life private.

Why is Steven Crowder Getting Divorced?

Steven Crowder, a 35-year-old American-Canadian conservative political commentator, comedian, and media host, announced during an episode of his podcast, Louder with Crowder, that he and his wife, Hilary, are going through a divorce after ten years of marriage.

He explained that Hilary filed for divorce sometime in 2021, and the divorce is not due to infidelity or abuse but to naturally grow apart. Crowder called it the most heartbreaking experience of his life and considers the divorce his “deepest personal failure.” They have two children, and he said that they decided to keep the divorce issue private for their children’s safety.

Crowder mentioned that he has been living through what has increasingly been a horrendous divorce since 2021. Texas law permits a “no-fault” divorce, where a spouse filing for divorce does not have to prove any fault, wrongdoing or marital misconduct on the part of the other spouse.

Steven Crowder Kids

Conservative political commentator Steven Crowder and his wife Hilary have two children together, twins Magnus and Charlotte, born in 2021. Hilary, who was born in Michigan, is an interior designer who graduated from Michigan’s Calvin College with a degree in political science in 2010.

The couple practiced abstinence before marriage and were judged for it by some, but their wedding night was “perfect” according to Steven. In April 2023, Steven announced on his podcast that Hilary had filed for divorce in 2021, stating that it was not his choice and that he had been living through a “horrendous divorce” since then.

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