Who Made It Through on AGT and Who Went Through on AGT Tonight?

Who Made It Through on AGT?

In the latest episode of America’s Got Talent, a total of six talented acts earned a spot in the highly anticipated finale. These performers showcased their remarkable skills and won the hearts of both the judges and the audience. Among them were Lavender Darcangelo, who received a special Golden Buzzer from Heidi Klum. Additionally, there were Adrian Stoica and Hurricane, a sensational dog act that particularly impressed Simon Cowell. Ahren Belisle, a comic who brings laughter without uttering a word, also secured a spot. The captivating French dance troupe Murmuration, chosen by Howie Mandel as his Golden Buzzer act, will also be heading to the finale. Putri Ariani, another outstanding act, earned a Golden Buzzer from Simon. Lastly, the Mzansi Youth Choir, selected by the audience for their extraordinary performance, will be making their way to the grand finale.


Who Went Through on AGT Tonight?

In the latest episode of America’s Got Talent, we saw a range of incredible performances from 11 talented artists. Each one gave their all in the hopes of winning America’s vote and securing a spot in the finale. However, not all of them were able to move forward. Unfortunately, D’Corey Johnson, Freedom Singers, Kylie Frey, Mariandrea, Orlando Leyba, Puppet Simon & the Cowbelles, Roland Abante, Shadow Ace, and Zion Clark did not make it through to the next round. They put on impressive shows, but the competition was fierce, and the votes leaned in favor of other acts. This means their journey on AGT for this season has come to an end.

Remember, the competition on America’s Got Talent is always tough, and making it to the finale is a tremendous achievement. All of the artists who participated this season showcased extraordinary talent and brought joy to audiences worldwide.


America’s Got Talent Night Four Results Show Recap

On the fourth night of America’s Got Talent, 11 talented artists waited anxiously to find out their fate. Terry Crews, the host, started the show by talking about the performances from the night before.

Simon Cowell, one of the judges, was really excited about the upcoming finale. He thought the contestants were amazing, and he knew the competition would be tough. He thought the final round would be outstanding.

They started by revealing the Top 5 acts. A young singer named D’Corey Johnson went up against Puppet Simon & the Cowbelles. It wasn’t a surprise that D’Corey moved forward because Puppet Simon got two buzzes the night before.

Next, there was singer Roland Abante and a Japanese dance group called Chibi Unity. The judges already said Chibi Unity was the best act from the previous night, so it was clear they would go through.

Dancer Mariandrea and a special athlete named Zion Clark were next. Zion’s incredible performance from the previous night earned him a well-deserved spot in the competition.

Then, they had some fun with a game called the Sonic Hot Seat. Sofia, one of the judges, took the hot seat and had to answer questions. They even used a lie detector, which caused some playful trouble, especially when it came to questions about Simon.

A country singer named Drake Milligan, who was a finalist last season, performed his new song, “I Got a Problem.”

After the break, they revealed more results. Comic Orlando Leyba competed against hand shadow puppeteer Shadow Ace. Shadow Ace secured a spot in the Top 5.

The last spot was between country singer Kylie Fry, magician Anna DeGuzman, and the Freedom Singers. All of them were really good, but Anna DeGuzman got the last spot in the final five.

Heidi, one of the judges, was happy for those in the Top 5 but also felt sad for the three who didn’t make it through.

Then, they narrowed it down to the Top 3. Chibi Unity, Shadow Ace, and Anna DeGuzman were announced as the acts moving forward.

In the final reveal, Chibi Unity and Anna DeGuzman were the Top 2 acts going to the finale. Simon praised Chibi Unity for their amazing performance and mentioned how intense the final round was getting.

Howie, another judge, praised Anna DeGuzman for being a trailblazer in the world of magic. He said we need more female magicians.

Overall, it was an exciting night with great performances and some emotional moments as the competition got more intense. Everyone was looking forward to the finale, expecting even more talent and excitement. “America’s Got Talent” airs on Tuesday and Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

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